Minutes of the GSR Committee 3/18/2018

Pending a more permanent location for this information, the UA GSR Committee has voted to temporarily to post its minutes on this unofficial UA related service website.

GSR Committee Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2018, 1:30 pm EST

Chaired: Mark B.

Secretary: Julie F

Opening:  The Serenity Prayer.

Traditions: Read by Debora

Timekeeping:  Neil

Minutes: Julie read the minutes from the February meeting, which were accepted by acclamation.


Old Business:


#1: Motion Creating Meeting Support Subcommittee of the GSR Committee

  1. Proposed by Shari Lynn. Second by Debora.
  2. Followed by Discussion.
  3. Passed: Yay: 9, Nay: 3, Abstention: 2; Total = 14


Motion Creating Meeting Support Subcommittee of the GSR Committee

The GSR Committee will create a Meeting Support Subcommittee of the GSR Committee. This subcommittee will provide assistance to meetings in order to facilitate carrying the message to the underearner who still suffers. Its meetings will be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order. Its duties will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Assisting with finding regular moderators for meetings that are pop-ups.
  • Assist groups with a struggling service structure in getting and creating a stronger group with committed service people.
  • Providing meetings with solutions in dealing with abusive callers/intruders.
  • Providing moderators/chairs with training materials.
  • For phone meetings (include offline help with moderator codes)
  • Providing an information sheet on how to set up a PayPal Account for a meeting so that it can pay for GSR and other expenses.
  • Encouraging meeting groups to elect GSRs.


This subcommittee was populated today: 4 people volunteered to be members.


New Business

#2: Motion Suggesting Topics for 2018 World Service Conference Agenda

  1. Proposed by Jason; Second by Greg
  2. Followed by Discussion.
  3. Tabled by vote of acclamation.

Motion Suggesting Topics for 2018 World Service Conference Agenda


The following are important topics that the GSR Committee would like to see on

the agenda of the 2018 World Service Conference.


  1. The role of the GSR Committee, its independence from the Board, and ratification of the Guiding Principles for the UA Service Structure that were passed by the GSR Committee at its February 18, 2018 meeting. (Similar to AA).
  2. Guidelines for all World Service Level Committees, including their independence from the Board and the GSR Committee. (Similar to DA).
  3. Revision of the UA Concepts and Bylaws that were approved by the GSB in 2016.
  4. Voting and Procedural Guidelines for the World Service Conference.
  5. UA Meeting Group registration guidelines (i.e. so that meetings can be placed on the UA Website Calendar.)
  6. Ratifying Suggested Requirements for the GSR Position voted on at the GSR Committee at its December 17, 2017 meeting.
  7. Clarify the roles of the UA groups, the World Service Conference, the GSR Committee and the GSB, and the relationships between them. (Similar to AA and DA).


Important Notes regarding the above motion

At our March 18, 2018 meeting we can add additional agenda topics that other

GSRs think are important. At our April 15, 2018 meeting, we can vote on

prioritizing these topics so that the top five come first.


Motion for GSR Meeting Time Change

  1. Proposed by HenaSusha; Second by Shawn
  2. Followed by Discussion.
  3. Tabled by vote of acclamation. Survey recommended. (e.g. Doodle.com suggested by Robin; Robin will provide Mark with more information on this program)


Motion: For a time change of the GSR Meeting that would be most equitable to as many people as possible.



GSB Committee Reports


World Service Conference Prep Committee (Debora)

  • The Venue for the October 25-28, 2018 World Service was selected: Mary & Joseph Retreat Ctr. near Los Angeles, CA. The Committee passed two motions. Meetings will be recorded. Communication will be by open CC. GSR member voted to be vice-chair.  To volunteer: Email Debora at deboraingratitude@nullgmail.com.


  • Arden: Some scholarships will be available. Debora was voted to be vice-chair.


Literature Committee Report (None)


Finance Committee Report (None)


Public Information Committee  (None)


Service Structure Committee (Greg)

  • Difficulties at the meeting. Motions made were ignored by Chair.


Tech Committee Report (Debora)


  • The GSB is seeking a Tech Committee Chair. Contact Julie, GSB Secretary, if you are interested in applying for this position. Her email address: julie@nulluagsb.org.


We ended with the We Version of Serenity Prayer.


Appendix I GSRs Present : Total Attendees: 18

Phonebridge meetings: 8 ; * Face to Face meeting: 9; ** Online: 1

(Times are provided in Eastern Time)


  1. *Mark B; GSR Sat. Face to Face Mtg at Realization Ctr; NYC
  2. Neil;GSR 50+ Phone Meeting Thursday Night
  3. *Shawn P.(New York); GSR for UA  Arts Face-to-Face Meeting Group NY
  4. *Eliya (Los Angeles); GSR for Farmers Market, Los Angeles, Saturday, Face-to-Face Mtg.
  5. Randy; GSR for the 8 pm from Hiding and Biting to Shining and Receiving Phone Meeting Group
  6. **Julie F.; GSR for Prosperity Forum
  7. Robin; GSR for 9:45 am Step and Tools Phone Mtg
  8. *Greg G. (S. California); GSR for Abundance and Prosperity Meeting, Altadena, CA; Face-to-Face Mtg.
  9. Linda K.; GSR for Prosperous Travel Vision Phone Mtg
  10. *HenaSusha (Massachusetts); GSR for Amherst Steps to Prosperity
  11. *Gail C. (New York); GSR for New York, Wednesday Face-to-Face Mtg
  12. Debora; GSR for the Evening Step and Speaker Phone Meeting Group, Tu, W & F
  13. *Lela P.(Texas); GSR for Austin UA, Sunday, Face-to-Face Mtg.
  14. Arden; GSR for the Writers in Recovery Phone Mtg Group, Tues, 7:15 pm
  15. *Fay; GSR for Tel Aviv Face-to-Face Meeting Group (joined after roll call)
  16. Jason; GSR for the Prosperity in Our Relationships Phone Mtg Group, Sun, 8:30 pm
  17. Janet;  GSR for the Daily Step and Tools Phone Mtg Group, 8:30 am
  18. Kaila; GSR for the Los Angeles Thursday Return to Prosperity Meeting, Face-to-Face


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