Literature Committee Wish List

The main goals of this page are:

  • Provide clarity to the UA Fellowship as to what the Literature Committee is thinking about working on, and the suggestions made by other members of the Fellowship.
  • Provide continuity so that when people roll out of service positions and new people take their places, ideas are not lost.

Please note:

  • The process of creating and approving new literature is described here.
  • Anyone can volunteer to to write a piece of literature on this list, but as with all service commitments, we do suggest that you get feedback from your sponsor, action partners and/or action meetings first.
  • Once people have been assigned to create items, they are removed from this list and added to the Literature Under Development.
  • From time to time, the Literature Committee can review the Wish List, and consolidate or remove items that are seen as duplicative, either with each other or with existing literature; it is also possible that some ideas will be picked up by or handed off to other committees, as the occasion arises.

Wish List

  • Daily meditation book, with contributions from the fellowship at large
  • History of UA to date, who the people were, how the materials came to be created
  • Guide to Sponsorship pamphlet
  • Working the Steps pamphlet (including multiple different ways)
  • Fourth Step workbook
  • Literature arising from the “What is Abstinence?” panel
  • Literature on the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts from a UA perspective
  • Literature on each of the 12 Tools
  • UA fellowship newsletter
  • UA online blog (filtered/moderated)
  • Guidelines to moderate a phone meeting
  • Guidelines to maintaining anonymity, including on-line
  • Guide to a spiritual job search