Literature Under Development

The main goals of this page are:

  • Provide transparency to the UA Fellowship as to what the Literature Committee is working on, and who is responsible for a given piece of draft literature.
  • Provide an easy way to circulate draft versions of new literature, collect feedback and comments, and track progress through reviews and approvals.
  • Provide continuity so that if the person currently driving a particular literature project has to drop out, the work can be easily picked up by a new editor.

Please note:

  • All literature here is in draft form! Please decide for yourself whether any given resource is suitable for your current needs. We recommend that you seek guidance from your Higher Power, your sponsor, your action partners, and/or other UA members in making this decision.
  • This list may include “wish list” items, where no one is currently assigned to the project, with an open call for volunteers to pick this work up.
  • All work submitted to the Literature Committee must be accompanied by a waiver signed by the creator(s), assigning copyright to UA, or it cannot be accepted.
  • All work that is written for UA should comply with the Style Guide.

PLEASE GIVE US FEEDBACK if you read any of this literature and feel moved to give us your feedback and comments!

List of literature being developed—note that only the first two initiatives listed are being actively worked on at any given time: