Literature Feedback Form

As we evaluate new literature that is proposed for the program, we suggest that people think about the following:

  • Does it have a specific, valuable purpose?
  • Does it carry the UA message, with a focus on the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Tools as the foundation to recovery from compulsive underearning?
  • Is it understandable and informative but also succinct?
  • Does it respect different genders, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs?
  • Is it well presented, grammatically correct and free of typos?
  • Do I personally consider this piece to be a valuable addition to my recovery? If not, have I reviewed it with others in the program and have they confirmed to me that they consider it to be a valuable addition to their recovery?

New literature is reviewed in turn by the Literature Committee, the General Service Board, and the World Service Conference. Part of this review includes getting feedback from members of the fellowship.

If you would like to give service to the program and help us out by by evaluating draft literature, then welcome you to share your thoughts on it here. All feedback shared with us will be collected and taken into consideration as we review a given piece. You are also welcome to use this form to draw our attention to issues, small or large, with literature that has already been approved for publication.

You are invited to share your name (in the standard anonymous format: first name, last initial, city/area), but that is not required. If you include quotes or copyrighted material in your comments, please make it clear what the source is, or we will be unable to use it.