Website Principles

This site is constructed with the following principles in mind:

  • A website is needed to organize communication and cooperation around the service side of UA.
  • If should be easy for UA members to find out about this website, but it should not be the same website as, to avoid cluttering that site and confusing newcomers.
  • The website should preserve the anonymity of members of the program, consistent with the “First Name, Last Initial” approach.
  • It should be easy for any UA member to grasp the issues currently facing UA at the service level, and the initiatives taking place around those issues; it should be easy to identify who is responsible for any given initiative and how to contact them.
  • It should be easy for any UA member to see who is responsible for a given committee and how to contact them, what initiatives the committee is currently working on, and what it has achieved to date.
  • It should be easy for new GSR/ISRs to understand what their responsibilities are, what volunteer opportunities exist across the service organizations, what meetings they can or should be attending, when meetings are scheduled and what they will be about.
  • It should be easy for someone on a service board or committee to find out how to contact other committee members, and to find previous meeting minutes relating to the topic at hand, as well as any other documents that are relevant.
  • It should be easy for service board or committee members working on specific projects to store and retrieve their working documents; it should be possible to denote some working documents as “not ready for prime time,” i.e., available only to logged-in GSRs or only to members of specific committees, to avoid confusion.
  • The site should support the service structure of UA as currently defined; at the time of writing, this is seen as the World Services Conference, the GSB, the various WSC & GSB committees, and the various Intergroups.