NY Intergroup Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2014

  • Attendees: Anna, Aviva, Chris, Connie, Ed, Jean, Lisa, Mike, Wayne
  • Minutes of last meeting accepted as amended.

Treasury Report

Opening Balance $3,709.95
Rent, Jan 25 Share-a-Day $540
Closing Balance $3,169.92
  • The Treasury was transferred to to Wayne, with Chris as cosigner.

Share-A-Day Committee

  • Jean gave a summary of the share-a-day phone conference. The time for the share-a-day was divided between writing, vision, and goals; 1.5 hrs for visions, 1.5 hrs for goals, breaks 40 minutes, 20 minutes keynote speakers.
  • Dorothy suggested that we sell bottles of water for $1.00 for income.
    Speakers were suggested to speak on goals and visions. Jean will speak to
    Lisa regarding a strong speaker on living your visions and goals at the Sunday 11:AM

Other Business

  • Intergroup assumed responsibility for distributing literature to groups.
    Literature will be distributed to groups through ISRs.
  • A motion was made that 150 About UA pamphlets be ordered. $2.00 will be
    charged to members and newcomers will get pamphlets for free.
    The motion was passed.
  • A motion was made that newcomers be defined as those who have attended 6
    meeting or less. The motion was passed.
  • It was proposed and approved that Lisa would apply for a stipend to go
    to World Service Conference as well as Aviva applying for a stipend to go
    to World Service Conference.

Next Meeting

  • It was voted that the next Intergroup meeting would be held at the Science, Industry, and Business Library on Madison Avenue, starting at 2:0pm.

Group Reports

  • Anna, Business meeting Monday night needs more to attend,
  • Wayne Thurs night meeting going well
  • Friday night meeting Ed good prudent reserve
  • Wednesday HOW Arts 15-20,
  • Friday How has folded
  • Bronx meeting getting smaller used to be filled; needs help.
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