NY Intergroup Meeting Minutes, March 12, 2014

In Attendance

  • Anna, Chris, Conni, Ed, Jeanne, Lisa,Mike,Wayne

Treasury report

Opening Balance $2,967.65
Printing Expenses $3.91
Closing Balance


  • Trinity Church has not billed Lisa for rent; expected to be $540.00 plus optional donation.
  • $30.00 was allocated for 100 flyers for struggling groups
  • Lisa asked ISRs to ask their meetings for contributions to Intergroup
  • It was left open how treasury would be transferred.

Literature Report

  • None in absence of Peter S.

Outreach Report

  • Dorothy defined functions and duties of Outreach person.
  • The major function of the outreach person is to inform groups of the mission of Intergroup through the presentation of vision of Intergroup by outreach person and chair persons at meetings. Outreach person also informs meetings of our purpose through e-mails. In addition to these she urges meetings to appoint ISRs.
  • The proposed duties were not voted on.

Spending Plan

  • A spending plan was presented for Intergroup as a whole, including all 2014 Share-a-Days, past and planned.
  • Income and expenses were discussed at length comparing gain/loss based on projected income and cost of events at Trinity Church and St Margret’s.
  • It was voted that the next two Share A Days will be in May and October based on
    the projected loss/gains; the May Share A Day will be May 3/4 or May 17/18.
  • Share A Day Committee for May was selected: Jean, Dorothy, Wayne, Anna, and Conni.

Meeting Reports

  • Sunday, Saturday,Bronx, and Wednesday 6:30 meetings doing well, Friday and Tues meetings going strong.


  • A committee was appointed to organize the next Share-a-Day: Jean, Dorothy, Wayne, Anna, with Connie as advisor.
  • Voted that share-a-day would be held at St. Margaret’s May 17.

Future Meetings

  • Starting in May, Intergroup meetings will start at 2:00pm.
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