Documentation of the GSR Committee – GSB interaction

NOTE: Pending a more permanent location for this information, the UA GSR Committee has voted to temporarily to post its minutes on this unofficial UA related service website.

Note: Content of this page is mostly taken form the Google Group that contains UA GSB information. It contains approved and unapproved minutes and other information.

This page seeks clarity regarding interactions between the GSB and the newly formed GSR Committee following the 2016 World Service Conference.

November 18, 2016: Unapproved WSC minutes issued by the GSB secretary seem accurate*:

On 11/18/16 unapproved minutes of the 2016 WSC are sent out via Google Group also including a complete Service Structure Committee motions document. That is, no parenthetical phrase* is included in the “lasting motions” addendum that concludes the 12 page “WSC 2016 Minutes – to be approved.pdf” document:


5) Create a GSR Committee with the mission to meet monthly in a phone meeting of 1 and 1/2 hours, following Robert’s Rules, to address issues and facilitate communication and  action.
6) Create Sub­ Committees working within the GSR Committee body, in order to carry out the will of the UA Fellowship as a whole, including the chair from each standing GSB committee, as liaisons.

Excerpt from November 28, 2016 GSB minutes

Newly formed Committees:

  • Service Structure – Alison

    • Formalize. Looking to formalize Service Structure as a standing committee with monthly meetings for GSR’s to collaborate, address GSR concerns, populate existing standing committees. Consider name change such as GSR Service Committee.

    • Ex-officio Chair made a motion to establish Service Structure as standing committee to GSB; seconded by Trustee.

    • Motion passes unanimously.

Announcement of Inaugural monthly meeting of all UA GSRs and ISRs ~ Sunday, December 18th, at 1pm EST 

Hello all UA GSRs and ISRs,

Thank you to all who contributed to making our 2016 WSC a great success! We witnessed what can happen when UA fellows work together for the good of UA and other recovering underearners.

As you may already know, among many motions discussed and voted at the WSC, the motion to create a monthly meeting of all UA GSRs and ISRs was unanimously approved, along with a motion to create sub-committees to carry on the essential work of UA as our fellowship grows.

The first meeting will be held via conference call, on Sunday, December 18th, at 1pm EST, and will be 1.30 hours long. 

Conference call#: 515-xxx-xxxx

Access code#:  146781

We sincerely hope that you, as your group representative, will be able to take part in this first meeting.  This new body within UA will be a place for group representatives to come together, share information, communicate with the GSB (through a GSB liaison, who will be joining us for the meetings), discuss UA business, and get the work of UA done. It will support GSRs and ISRs in effectively doing the work of the General Service Conference. It will provide a forum for exchanging information between members of different committees, and also help GSRs to be well informed, so they can share information with their UA Groups. It will facilitate the creation of sub-committees working with the GSB to carry the message and help UA grow and prosper.

As a starting point, the first meeting will be led by a GSR, and notes will be taken by another GSR – both as volunteers for this first meeting.

Excerpts from the Minutes of the December 26th, 2016 Annual GSB Meeting (not a monthly board meeting):

Service Structure Committee Report – Jean Camille

  • 18 committee members; organization needs further development; possible subcommittees to work with GSR Committee.

  • GSB chairperson clarifies need is to have committee formed, populated, working with GSB to help with GSB Committee (PI, Finance, Literature, Service Structure etc) needs before adding sub committees.

  • Newsletter by  UA individual will be further considered in 2017; UA member is sending copy to trustee to review before sending and has included language stating this is a personal newsletter and a live link to UA Website at top on newsletter as it needs to be forefront position.

  • GSR Committee is independent of GSB.



Service Structure Committee: Jean Camille

  • Two liaison stepped up at recent meeting to represent other standing committees; committee facing challenges with structure and communication; chair clarifies WSC voted to have Service Structure Committee as standing committee under GSB with GSR Committee as sub-committee under same umbrella; members to serve Service Structure Committee and subcommittee called GSR Committee; process of unfolding in orderly fashion.

  • Secretary to send WSC proposal and Minutes  to acting committee chair to be used for structure clarity.


Call for SSC chair from GSB Secretary 3/16/17

Seeking Nominations for UA GSB Service Structure Committee Chair

The UA General Service Board of Trustees is accepting nominations for the Service Structure Committee Chair.  If you are interested in this service, or have someone to nominate, please contact any of the Trustees before April 29th.

Guidelines for GSB Service Structure Committee Chair:

  • Has completed UA’s 12 steps with a UA Sponsor who has done the same in UA

  • Has a working knowledge of the UA 12 Traditions & 12 Concepts of World Service

  • Has demonstrated a consistent commitment of service in UA at individual meeting levels or higher (i.e. GSR, committees, etc.)

  • Has one year solvency (solvency being self-defined)

  • Has a minimum of 10-20 hours per month (1.5-3 hours per week) available for GSB Service Structure Committee work including attending GSB monthly meeting on 4th Monday of the month @ 8pm EST

  • Be able to serve a two year term

We trust that our collective Higher Power and the Twelve Traditions of UA will guide the GSB Service Structure Committee’s efforts. We look forward to working with those in service of the GSB Service Structure Committee and to carrying the message of UA recovery to the underearner who still suffers.

In service and prosperity,

Matt B, GSB Chair ma…

Alison, vice-chair, ali…

Leah, treasurer, le…

Julie C, secretary, ju…

Jean Camille, trustee, j…

p.s. Also if wish to participate in the Service Structure Committee, please contact Matt B, UA GSB Chair, ma…

*The Ammended Minutes Posted by GSB 2/1/17 now have parenthetical phrase added:


5) Create a GSR Committee [a subcommittee of the GSB Service Structure Committee] with the mission to
meet monthly in a phone meeting of 1 and 1/2 hours, following Robert’s Rules, to address issues and
facilitate communication and action.
6) Create Sub-Committees working within the GSR Committee body, in order to carry out the will of the UA
Fellowship as a whole, including the chair from each standing GSB committee, as liaisons.


Except from  unapproved GSB minutes from 2/27/17

Service Structure Committee: Jean Camille

  • Tool for GSR to communicate; Committee needs increase membership; needs to clarify requirement and explanation of commitment; confusion as to GSR duties, expectations; simple explanation of work, communicate to membership, use website to clarify, etc. Looking for secretary. Contact JC if interested  (310) xxx-xxxx.

March 27, 2017 GSB Minutes

Service Structure Committee: Greg, Liaison

Met March 19 passing 4 motions:

     1) to call GSR Committee

     2) Committee to be composed of GSR and elected alternates as voting body, anyone can attend

     3) primary purpose to establish list of concerns of GSR’s to be relayed back to GSB by liaison (will get new liaison who has worked through steps)  committee will have own self determining agenda

     4) Committee will meet 3rd Sunday of each month at 1:30 pm Eastern.  April’s meeting will be April 23rd due to Easter holiday.

Ongoing dialogue is nature of relationship between GSR Committee and GSB. Suggestions and recommendations vs expectations; work synonymous with voice.  Trustee question – should concerns be brought to GSB or to WSC??

April 24, 2017 GSB Minutes excerpt– from GSB point of view. (Unapproved)

(Note: these are not the words of the “Service Structure Committee: Mark, acting Chair” —Mark B)

Service Structure Committee: Mark, acting Chair

  • Have not had meeting since last GSB; 14 people at last meeting; Mark volunteered to be Chair; figure out how to get more GSR attendees; how to represent fellowship through individual meetings and pass on to GSB.

  • Powwow discussion made distinction between Service Structure Committee and GSR Committee; GSB requests continuation of Service Structure Committees made up of GSR’s and any other UA member; give monthly report at GSB meeting; heard request from GSB; address further at next committee meeting; GSR or representatives vote, anyone can attend; no current criteria for individual group – group itself provides own criteria for GSR of their individual meeting; non-GSR’s welcome to participate, populate committees, liaison etc.; trustee encourages prioritizing conference creation; solicit service, open to guidance regarding requirements and individual talents/desires;  GSR and GSB voting members at conference; bulk of votes at WSC are GSR’s – WSC is opportunity for GSR voice to be heard; behooves GSR’s to create  conference for their voice and vote to be heard; support development of understanding those who vote should help create conference; committee would like to create conference this year.

  • Next meeting Sunday April 30th 1:30 pm Eastern; all welcome to attend.  For information contact Mark (212) xxx-xxxx

  • 5 GSB trustees; Committees largely populated by trustees ensuring structure exists; Service Structure Committee place for GRS’s to populate as well as other committees; trustees invite and support service at committee  levels.  GSB does not want to overreach, simply populating committees because no one else is stepping up; serving fellowship the best we can.

  • Service Structure Committee comprised of GSR’s – committee name can’t be changed by committee members; announcement sent by committee only states proper name in parenthesis at bottom; asked to call committee what it is; Service Structure Committee parenthetical GSR Committee; trustees request to be respected asking you to call the group Service Structure Committee in all communications; feels like afterthought; be clear around intent. Trustee offers appreciation of progress, clarity and consciousness. Trustee asking for members who have sponsor and have worked steps; as craft guidelines for GSR’s, level of UA sobriety (read: “Prosperity”) key; trustees ask for UA sobriety on committees as representing WSC; acting chair will bring this information to next committee meeting.

Excerpt: GSB May 22, 2017 unapproved Minutes

Service Structure Committee: Mark, acting Chair

  • Voted to rename the Committee the GSR/Service Structure Committee

  • Voted to form a WSC subcommittee – met and began to review the template from last year’s WSC. Lots of discussion, took awhile for the committee to sort itself out

  • The committee also discussed what recovery requirement be necessary to be a GSR and discussed how to take this information to all meeting

  • Group votes Mark acting chair – called out GSR Pam for her terrific leadership and service to the GSR group

  • All Board members congratulated Mark and the committee on their good work and sorting through the issues, and beginning the work of the fellowship

  • Next meeting  May 28, 1.30 ET; all welcome to attend.  For information contact Mark (212) xxx-xxxx.

Excerpt: GSB June 26, 2017 unapproved Minutes

Service Structure Committee: Marcia, acting Chair

  • Meeting held ~ 16 members; WSC sub prep committee formed; nomination to liaison of PI Committee; discussed role and duties of chair who volunteered for a year [trustees determine chair qualifications and term; committee itself determines other officer positions]; vice chair role and duties discussed; voted to have position.

  • Structure coming together with use of agenda; better communication and efficiency; GSB chair available to speak with anyone individually if questions arise; suggests point person to streamline communication ie.1 person sends 1 email with 5 questions from 5 different members; liaison was to bring different perspective to committee; exciting to serve on WS level.

  • Next meeting July 16, 1.30 ET; all welcome to attend.

  • The SSC / GSR Committee had not received communications sent from the GSB to the committee interim chair to be heard/ read to the SSC/GSR committee

Excerpt: Minutes of the GSR Committee 7/16/2017

GSB Report: (Mark) GSB calls this committee the “Service Structure Committee”. The GSB decided it will not go forward with having Mark be the liaison to GSB. Alison said that it was about structure not personalities. GSR’s can express themselves by populating committees. After some discussion it was stated that Mark’s communication was not sufficient for the position of Liaison. Mark is OK with not being Liaison to the GSB and electing a new liaison…

Motion No. 2 (Deborah) The name of our meeting of GSR’s will be changed from the GSR- Service structure committee to the GSR committee. This committee is composed of GSR’s of all meetings of UA and is a committee that exists independently from the UA General Service Board and Service Structure Committee. We reiterate that this GSR committee and its independence from the General Service Board was unanimously voted upon at the 2016 World Service Conference. All are welcome to attend the meetings of the GSR committee but Only GSR’s will be able to vote at the meeting

Yeas 11 Nay 3 abstentions 1


Excerpt: GSB July 24, 2017 unapproved Minutes

Service Structure Committee: Clara, committee member

  • GSR Committee voted 11 in favor, 3 against, 1 abstention to operate as independent unit and not under Service Structure Committee; independence is not principle but autonomy is; goal is unity; not necessary for motion to be passed for members to not be a part of committee. Board is enthused by number of voices wanting to be of service representing consciousness of their meeting and looks forward to development of consciousness; next WSC could ratify GSR Committee; shift spirit of misinformation and vagueness, not letting good not be enemy of best but aiming to serve suffering underearner.

  • Trustee asks if members have understanding of GSR role and if they would like help in this regard; guideline helpful along with GSB discussion on role, qualifications, communication and working together; focus on how GSR can be positively visible and helpful; not personal agenda; each has own responsibility to understand GSR role. What does service structure committee do; service is how we prosper in this area; how can we best serve?

  • Meeting for Service Structure Committee is not planned at this time.

  • WSC Sub-Committee: Pam

    • Clarified questions on responsibility for this committee; working to confirm GSB point person; developing call to go to fellowship regarding possible locations; creating master list of services needs before, during and after conference.

    • Meets 2nd Sunday 1:30 ET for 75 min.  Email   to be added to communications list.

Excerpt: GSB August 28, 2017 unapproved Minutes

Service Structure Committee: Matt

  • Step by step process is election of committee chair (nomination window open until September 14th), SSC members notice and conduct meeting, elect liaison to speak on behalf of committee.

  • Several UA members willing to be a part of Service Structure Committee; liaison of GSR meeting has been elected by committee members.

  • 12 Concepts to be revisited; conversation with former GSB Chair; effort was made leading up to WSC 2016; Concepts were arrived at with intention / not prohibitive; Concepts can be created at WSC level; not positon to police nor desire to take on more workload; fellowship needs to show up to do the work in conjunction with GSB so can be brought to vote at next WSC.

  • WSC Sub-Committee: Pam

    • Nearing finalized announcement for suggestions on location requests; tech needs, airport/travel needs, timeline specifics. Co-chairs will organize minutes, templates etc. from last conference so new volunteers can be brought up to speed.  Process of last conference will be helpful to volunteers.

    • Meets 2nd Sunday each month 1:30 ET for 75 min.  Email   to be added to communications list.

Motion passed regarding the GSR Committee at the 2018 WSC

Motion to Establish the Role and Guidelines of the GSR Committee and Its Relationship to the General Service Board, World Service Conference and the UA Groups


The Role of the GSR Committee


The Upside Down Triangle is the basic model for UA’s Service Structure. The GSR Committee plays a primary world service leadership role in UA’s Upside Down Triangle. It derives its position as such from its GSRs who are the elected representatives of their groups. It has the power to speak and act on behalf of the members of UA. It also brings important information about UA to their groups. It is the voice and the ears of the UA members worldwide. The GSR Committee has no other authority than the groups they represent and Higher Power.


Guidelines of the GSR Committee


  1. The GSR Committee will meet at least once a month for 90 minutes and follow Robert’s Rules of Order.
  1. The GSR Committee will be a world service conference committee that elects its own chair at the WSC, meets year around, and puts forth its own agenda.
  2. The GSR Committee may create committees or subcommittees which will serve UA as a whole.
  3. The GSR Committee shall meet with the General Service Board at each World Service Conference (WSC). It also may meet with the General Service Board between World Service Conferences.
  4. The GSR Committee may only make suggestions or recommendations to UA groups.
  5. Only GSRs may vote at GSR Committee meetings and at its Subcommittee meetings.
  6. The GSR Committee reports and minutes will be posted on the UA Website.
  7. The Relationship of the GSR Committee to the GSB. The GSR Committee is interdependent with and autonomous from the General Service Board (GSB) and the World Service Conference Committee. It will seek to have a collaborative relationship with the GSB and will prepare and give oral reports at the GSB meetings to facilitate communication between these two key entities in UA’s Service Structure.

­9.      The Responsibilities of the GSR Committee are as follows:

(a) The GSR Committee will bring the following to the WSC:

  • Conference topics which affect UA as a whole will be discussed and voted on at the WSC.

(b)  Inform GSRs on their responsibilities and prepare them for the World Service  Conference.

(c) Provide support to meeting groups.

(d) Encourage GSRs to participate in standing committees and subcommittees.


Motion Passed. In favor: 45; Opposed: 0.







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