Minutes of the GSR Committee 7/16/2017

Minutes of the GSR Committee of Underearners Anonymous 7/16/2017 1:30 to 3:00pm Eastern Time


The regular monthly meeting of the GSR Committee was called to order on July 16, 2017 at 1:30pm Eastern time by the chairman, Mark.


Serenity Prayer


Carey volunteers to be the spiritual time keeper.


Roll Call:

Mark, Chairman of the GSR-Service Structure Committee, New York, The Bronx, seeds of prosperity meeting.

Zima, Berkley 8am Pacific Time beginners meeting on Sundays

Clara, Underearning and Solvency, 7:15am

Janet, daily steps and tools meeting 8:30am eastern

Peggy, goals pages meeting

Karina, Saturday prosperity meeting in New York at the self realization center

Kerri Tuesday phone meeting 12:15 possession consciousness

Arden, Berkley California, Artists and Writer’s meeting Tuesday 7:15

Julie UA prosperity e mail group

Marcia, Wednesday night Sherman Oaks 7pm words and action meeting.

Elea, Saturday noon Farmers Market in Los Angeles

Randy, from hiding and biting to shining and receiving, wolf2weled@nullyahoo.com, 415 519 215

Deborah, evening step and speaker meeting in Los Angeles

Greg, Secretary, Thursday night Altadena meeting in Los Angeles

Pam, Heart Felt prosperity step and tool meeting 8:30 am

Rudy, beyond six figures Wednesday evening Los Angeles meeting castro.rudy@nullgmail.com

Alison, trustee General Service Board, Los Angeles

Jerri 9:45 step and tools phone meeting main line

Faye from Israel

Wendy Coaches and Consultants meeting Tuesday morning 7 am pacific

Steve, New York, intuition and clarity Sunday 12:15 phone meeting


Pam read the 12 traditions


Approval of Minutes:

Minutes for the June meeting of the GSR-Service Structure Committee were amended as follows: 1) in the approval of the minute’s section of the agenda it states that Andrew, who was promoting workshops, “was not asked to stop promoting them by anyone”. The new minutes state that Andrew, who was promoting workshops, stated that he “was not asked to stop promoting them by anyone”.


World Service Prep Committee (PAM): Met with the GSB and clarified what they have to do. It was suggested to have a point person one the board, Call for locations for the WSC. Who will host? Meet on the second Sunday @ 1:30pm for 75 minutes. Creating a calendar and list of Services needed. For more info uawscprep@nullgmail.com.


Literature Committee : (Pam) 8 members, working on bullet points on sponsorship pamphlet, how to get a sponsor, etc. Meets the third Monday @8pm central


Finance Committee: (Lela) 3 people on committee, need more participation. Will discuss hiring a bookkeeper at the GSB, possibly combining bookkeeper and Office person position. Will this person be a member of UA or not? Should we scan checks, is that considered “anonymous”? Looking for an APP to donate money,


Public Information: (Rudy) Needs guidance. He will contact Alison, who will get him into contact with Charlie, the new chairperson for PI committee.


Phone/Tech Committee: (Deborah). New mainline phone number implemented. Works well. Two choices for service plans for new phone number, we can either upgrade or stay with the classic. Issues about anonymity and capturing phone numbers. GSB said they are focusing on registering meetings


GSB Report: (Mark) GSB calls this committee the “Service Structure Committee”. The GSB decided it will not go forward with having Mark be the liaison to GSB. Alison said that it was about structure not personalities. GSR’s can express themselves by populating committees. After some discussion it was stated that Mark’s communication was not sufficient for the position of Liaison. Mark is Ok with not being Liaison to the GSB and electing a new liaison.


Old Business.


New business:


Motion no 1. Motion to extend the meeting 15 minutes Nays 5 yeas7


Motion No. 2 (Deborah) The name of our meeting of GSR’s will be changed from the GSR- Service structure committee to the GSR committee. This committee is composed of GSR’s of all meetings of UA and is a committee that exists independently from the UA General Service Board and Service Structure Committee. We reiterate that this GSR committee and its independence from the General Service Board was unanimously voted upon at the 2016 World Service Conference. All are welcome to attend the meetings of the GSR committee but Only GSR’s will be able to vote at the meeting

Yeas 11 Nay 3 abstentions 1






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