UA NY Intergroup, Meeting Minutes, March 12, 2018

In Attendance:

  • Orison A. (Thursday evening, Chair), Peter S. (Tuesday evening, Treasurer, acting Secretary), Susannah L.

Minutes of Last Meeting

  • Deferred in absence of Secretary

Treasury Report

See attached; closing balance of $1,841.24 (not including a pending reimbursement of $34.04 for travel related to picking up the literature).

Literature Report

  • Literature has been picked up by the acting treasurer – see attached inventory report.
  • Note that are no current “About UA” pamphlets; it is not known if the previous stock was used up or is missing.
  • Petty cash is $103.


  • With only three people attending the meeting, it was agreed that there were too few people to assign positions.
  • Orison stepped down as Chair, but will serve as acting webmaster until the next elections.
  • Peter will serve as acting Treasurer and Literature Officer until the next elections.

Email “Cross Talk” Statement

  • Unanimously resolved: The following guidelines will be added to Intergroup emails: “To maintain the group’s serenity, it is suggested that discussions of Intergroup matters be limited to Intergroup meetings, and emails only by used for presenting information or asking simple questions.”

Continued Operations

  • Unanimously resolved: Intergroup will spend up to $100 per month on advertising to attract new members to UA meetings in the NY Tri-State area for the next twelve months; if there are too few ISRs to support Intergroup at that point (i.e., fewer than four at the March 2019 meeting), Intergroup will dissolve, and send any remaining money in the treasury to the UA GSB or similar service body; there will be no monthly meetings in the interim, only quarterly phone check-ins.
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