Meeting Toolkit

One of NY Intergroup’s top goals for 2015 was to support local meetings by creating a meeting toolkit with guidance and suggestions for the common service positions, as well as templates for commonly used forms and records. Please note that this is still a work in progress: we expect these materials to continue to evolve as more is revealed to us.  If you would like to offer your own experience, strength and hope to be included, or have other suggestions or other feedback, we would love to include you! Please use this form or contact the Literature Officer.

The full toolkit is available as a two binder set from the Literature Officer, but you may also freely download these documents for your group’s use. And note that everything here is just a suggestion: groups are welcome to modify these templates to suit their own needs and group conscience.

(Note: if you are trying to download a Word file, and you get a page full of meaningless characters when you click on the link, try right clicking on the link instead, and select “Save File As…” from the popup menu.)

Meeting Toolkit (PDF) or (Word) – guidelines and suggestions, based on the experience, strength and hope of UA members.

Table of Contents (PDF) or (Word) – a cover page for the printed version of the toolkit.

UA Literature List (PDF) – a list of the literature distributed by NY Intergroup, along with a suggested format for the literature announcement and guidance on the use of literature in meetings.

Contact Sheet (PDF) or (Word) – a template for a contact sheet to be passed around during the meeting; note that Intergroup recommends that members should be encouraged to approach each other directly, and that contact sheets only be used at very large meetings where this is difficult.

Elections Record Template (PDF) or (Word) – update this template to reflect the positions and requirements determined by your meeting’s group conscience, and use it to keep track of elected officers and their contact information.

Passed Motions Record (PDF) or (Word) – use this template to record business meeting motions that will “live” for more than one meeting, so that they may be easily found and referenced at future meetings.

Speaker List (PDF) or (Excel) – use this to schedule future speakers and keep track of past speakers.

Treasury Report – Weekly (PDF) or (Excel) – a treasury report template designed for meetings that pay rent weekly.

Treasury Report – Monthly (PDF) or (Excel) – a treasury report template designed for meetings that pay rent monthly and maintain a separate collection for GSR expenses.

“Are you an Underearner?” (PDF) – a flyer designed to attract new members to the fellowship by being posted in suitable public places: please fill in the time and location of your meeting, and always ask for permission from the owner of the noticeboard before posting! (The QR code links to the UA face-to-face meetings page.)

Note that the NY Intergroup also publishes “Are you an Underearner?” as a tri-fold pamphlet, for distribution in places where 12 Step literature is available, or in other suitable locations where underearners might come across them. These are currently free of charge: please contact the Literature Officer to obtain them.


If you have feedback on any of these documents, or additional things you would like to add, please use the NY Intergroup’s feedback form!



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