Writing Exercise: 12 Steps & 12 Traditions of Underearners Anonymous

The Literature Committee is asking everyone who has the time to do some service for the Fellowship by taking part in a series of short writing exercises.

In groups of three, for each step and tradition, please spend fifteen minutes to half an hour writing down your thoughts about what it means to you and what you have gotten out of it. We will be collating the results and using them to create a guide to working the Steps and following the Traditions in UA.

Here is a list of questions to help spur your thoughts, but please bear in mind that the list is not in any order and is not meant to be comprehensive:

  • What approach(es) have you taken to working this Step/following this Tradition?
  • How has it helped you in your recovery from underearning?
  • What underearning symptom(s) did/does it help you overcome? (And do not feel restricted to the twelve symptoms on the website! Hiding and biting, not having a voice, living in the cave, breathing through a straw, settling for less, many more symptoms are commonly identified!)
  • How else has it affected your life?
  • Are there any anecdotes relevant to it that you would like to share?
  • Any other observations you wish to make?

Please note some important caveats around this effort that arise from the Principles approved for Literature by the World Service Conference:

  • If we use your words or ideas, we will most likely do so without attribution, and we may change them or mingle them with other people’s words or ideas.
  • If it does seem appropriate to include a name or names with a particular story, then we will follow the general Twelve Step approach of first name, last initial, and perhaps town or area, to maintain anonymity.
  • The final document will be copyrighted by the UA GSB, Inc., and published for the benefit of the UA Fellowship.
  • If any of this is not acceptable to you for any reason, then we respect your reasons, but please do not participate in this effort.

You may submit your contributions online using the following link:

Steps 1-3: please respond by June 30

If you would like to write out your thoughts, you may use this form, which is designed to be printed double-sided; completed forms may be mailed to:

Literature Committee
Underearners Anonymous
P.O. Box 255, Nyack, NY 10960