2018 UA World Service Conference Recap

For GSRs

Hello friends,

Perhaps I will say more in the future but I wanted to get out this all-points bulletin from the World Service Conference, to those of you who couldn’t be there, and share some good news!

Our fellowship passed the enclosed motion that will provide a firm foundation for UA as a whole to grow as one. I am so excited about it and I think everyone at the conference shares my enthusiasm.

It was a group effort and it provides a blueprint for success going forward. Basically it creates a new “class” or “wing” or “column” of committees in UA (which AA and DA have) (separate from GSB Committees) called the Conference Committees. The GSR Committee is now the first Conference Committee. This clarifies any vagueness that occurred following the 2016 WSC. (Everything and anything that is not clear about this or how I have just described it can be hammered out together by all of us in our renewed fellowship.)

Thank you for letting me be your imperfect GSR Chair since December 2016. It has been a profound honor and I sincerely mean that. Our new chair is Neil R.

Thank you everyone. You were an essential part of this historical move for a fellowship that we all want to be here for future generations. More will be revealed.

Congratulations also to Shawn P, our new GSB chair and Clara T, our new GSB vice-chair.

Please spread the word to other interested parties and to other GSRs and especially to potential GSRs in unrepresented meetings. We did a lot of other things at the WSC, but I wanted you to know about this one important passed motion as a start. The future looks brighter today as a result of the hard work put in by so many of you. I am so grateful to know you and be part of the whole.

In service,
Mark B in New York



Presiding Chair: Matt B, Trustee and Chair of the General Service Board


World Service Conference Preparation Committee


Motion on Voting and Procedural Guidelines for Convocation Sessions at the UA World Service Conference

Motion Passed. In favor: 37; Opposed: 2


This motion applies to 2018 and future UA WSC Convocations.

  1. Robert’s Rules will be the main basis of the WSC voting rules with two exceptions:

(a) Per Concept of World Service 12, “all important decisions need to be reached by discussion, vote, and whenever possible substantial unanimity.” Substantial unanimity is two-thirds vote.

“An important decision” is a decision which will effectively establish or change an essential process or procedure affecting the UA Service Structure and/or the UA groups. (e.g. Changing the guidelines for registering and listing a meeting on the UA Calendar).

If a matter is of “extreme urgency” or there is a “clearly needed action,” and substantial unanimity cannot be reached, then a simple majority vote will suffice.

(b) During the discussion on a pending motion, it may appear that a change to the motion is desirable or may win support for the motion from some members. When that happens, a member who has the floor may simply say, “I would like to suggest a friendly amendment to the motion.” These friendly amendments will be allowed. These are the rules we have agreed to regarding friendly amendments:

(1)  A voting member asks to be recognized by the chair and states that they have a friendly amendment.

(2)  After being recognized by the chair, the person states the friendly amendment.

(3)  The chair then asks the motion maker if they will accept the friendly amendment.

(4)  If the maker of the motion accepts the friendly amendment, it becomes part of the motion.

(5)  If the maker of the motion does not accept the friendly amendment, the maker of the friendly amendment has the option to make a motion as a regular amendment to be considered by the whole voting body following the standard procedures for motions.

  1. Decisions that are not “important” get majority vote. Per Robert’s rules, majority vote is necessary to pass a motion (majority = more than half of the people who participated in the vote; abstentions are not included in calculation of number of votes).
  2. Voting members will be allowed to share for two minutes at a time, and when the timer says time, the member needs to finish their sentence and end their share.
  3. Second shares will only be allowed once other members have been given the opportunity to share; however, if the person who has proposed the motion is asked questions, he or she may respond to these questions even if s/he has already shared.
  4. Pro and cons should be alternated in the discussion.
  5. There will be up to 5 pros and up to 5 cons for each motion.
  6. The WSC work sessions of the Convocation will be recorded.
  7. A professional parliamentarian will be present at all sessions of the Convocation.
  8. A quorum is necessary for the convocation. A quorum is defined as 50 % of the voting members who have registered to attend the World Service Conference. (i.e. GSRs and Board Members).
  9.  In the event that a member from the minority side wants to express a minority opinion, then the minority side has the option to exercise the Right of Appeal using the following process.

                              (1) One or more members may address the chair and state that they want to present the minority opinion. Alternatively, if the vote is close (e.g. 51 to 49), the chair may ask members to voice the minority opinion.

                              (2) Up to three people will speak on behalf of the minority opinion.

                              (3) The Chair then asks if someone who voted with the majority wants to change their vote.

                              (4) If someone from the majority side wants to change their vote, a revote is taken.

                              (5) This process may happen only once per motion or amendment.

                             (6) The minority opinion is recorded in the minutes.



Motion Regarding Voting Rules and Procedural Guidelines for Committee Work Sessions of the UA World Service Conference 2018

Proposed by World Service Conference Preparation Committee

Motion Passed. In favor: 39; Opposed: 0

Each break out committee at the World Service Conference is allowed to create its own voting rules and procedures by group conscience vote.



     Traditions Committee


Motion: Each group’s primary/singleness of purpose is to recover from underearning and to carry the message to the underearner who still suffers.

This follows our traditions 3, 4 & 5 and the 12&12 page 151 paragraphs 3 & 4.

Pursuant to tradition 10, the body has no opinion on specialty groups so long as they adhere to the primary purpose and are open to all who have the desire to stop underearning.

Motion Passed. In favor: 36; Opposed: 0.


Literature Committee

Motion: Accept all Alcoholics Anonymous conference approved non-English translations of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Book as UA Conference Approved Literature (UA CAL).

Motion Passed. In favor: 42; Opposed: 0.


Service Structure/World Service Conference Preparation Committees

Motion to Establish the Role and Guidelines of the GSR Committee and Its Relationship to the General Service Board, World Service Conference and the UA Groups


The Role of the GSR Committee


The Upside Down Triangle is the basic model for UA’s Service Structure. The GSR Committee plays a primary world service leadership role in UA’s Upside Down Triangle. It derives its position as such from its GSRs who are the elected representatives of their groups. It has the power to speak and act on behalf of the members of UA. It also brings important information about UA to their groups. It is the voice and the ears of the UA members worldwide. The GSR Committee has no other authority than the groups they represent and Higher Power.


Guidelines of the GSR Committee


  1. The GSR Committee will meet at least once a month for 90 minutes and follow Robert’s Rules of Order.
  1. The GSR Committee will be a world service conference committee that elects its own chair at the WSC, meets year around, and puts forth its own agenda.
  2. The GSR Committee may create committees or subcommittees which will serve UA as a whole.
  3. The GSR Committee shall meet with the General Service Board at each World Service Conference (WSC). It also may meet with the General Service Board between World Service Conferences.
  4. The GSR Committee may only make suggestions or recommendations to UA groups.
  5. Only GSRs may vote at GSR Committee meetings and at its Subcommittee meetings.
  6. The GSR Committee reports and minutes will be posted on the UA Website.
  7. The Relationship of the GSR Committee to the GSB. The GSR Committee is interdependent with and autonomous from the General Service Board (GSB) and the World Service Conference Committee. It will seek to have a collaborative relationship with the GSB and will prepare and give oral reports at the GSB meetings to facilitate communication between these two key entities in UA’s Service Structure.

­9.      The Responsibilities of the GSR Committee are as follows:

      (a) The GSR Committee will bring the following to the WSC:

  • Conference topics which affect UA as a whole will be discussed and voted on at the WSC.

      (b)  Inform GSRs on their responsibilities and prepare them for the World Service  Conference.

            (c) Provide support to meeting groups.

            (d) Encourage GSRs to participate in standing committees and subcommittees.


Motion Passed. In favor: 45; Opposed: 0.



Phone/Tech Committee


Motion: The UA Webmaster will make all phone numbers on the UA Meeting List hyperlinked with access codes included. If this action produces negative impact on the website or phone meetings, the Webmaster has the discretion to undo and make a report to the Board.

Motion Passed. In favor: 36; Opposed: 3

(Randy W’s explanation of motion: What this means is that if you are on your phone, you can press on the meeting phone number and the number will be dialed for you along with the access code.)



Public Information Committee

Motion to Adopt Proposed Information for the UA Public Information Website Page

Welcome to the UA Public Information Committee.


The purpose of the Public Information Committee is to provide accurate information to the public about the existence of Underearners Anonymous.


The following documents have been approved by the Underearners Anonymous World Service Conference and the General Service Board of UA who are trusted servants of UA for use as public information documents.


UA General Announcement

Letter to Professionals about UA

About UA Pamphlet

The UA Symptoms

The UA Tools

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of UA

Carrying the Message of UA


It is essential to remember that, while doing the public service work for UA, while interacting with other people, professionals, groups or entities, we do not speak on behalf of UA as a whole. Instead, we speak to our own experience of UA recovery – we share our own experience, strength and hope.


We practice the 11th Tradition “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press radio and films.” and all forms of public media.


Also, Tradition 12 states, “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities,” which further reminds us to maintain confidentiality in all our communications and protect the confidentiality of all UA members.


Email uapublicinformation@nullgmail.com if you would like more public information or join the Public Information Committee.


Please feel free to join us for our meetings which can be found on the Events Page (insert link) of the official Underearners Anonymous website.


Motion Passed: In favor: 43; Opposed: 0


(GSR Johanna R’s explanation: This page will be a tab within the existing UA website.)


General Service Board

Proposed by Alison S, Outgoing Vice-Chair of General Service Board


Motion: The UA General Service Board presents a motion to hold the next UA World Service Conference and Convocation before the end of 2019.



Motion Passed. In favor: 32; Opposed: 0



Finance Committee


Reported by Leah, GSR Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

The Finance Committee carefully considered the proposed topic of increasing the percentage of the annual treasury from World Service that is allocated for scholarships for GSR attendance at the World Service Conference. Philosophically, we encourage UA groups to be self-supporting per the 7th Tradition.

The Finance Committee is developing some strategies to help groups be self-supporting, for example:

  • Hold workshops for treasurer training including:
  1. Suggested qualifications for treasurer
  2. How to set up a PayPal account
  3. How to give a Treasurer’s Report
  • Creating a suggested addition to the 7th Tradition announcement to encourage donations to the meeting’s GSR as well as to General Service Fund.


  • We also want to explore the opportunity of having fundraisers, such as Step-Study groups where members donate to be a part of the 12-week group.

The Finance Committee session was well-attended with members agreeing they would like to continue working together.



Trusted Servants




Trustees-at-large (elected from the floor of the World Service Conference): Mark B and Randy W.

Trustees (nominated by the General Service Board and ratified by the World Service Conference): Shawn P, (Chair) Clara T, (Vice-chair) Denise C, Jack P, Dorota T.

(The GSR Committee elected Neil R. as Chair)

This document by Mark B, outgoing GSR Chair with gratitude from a summary of the WSC 2018 minutes prepared by Lela P, GSR and Debora G, GSR and Vice-Chair of the World Service Conference Preparation Committee.

 It is based on the notes that they took at the Convocations, the information given to them by the motion presenters, and their listening to the audio recordings of the Convocations.


* The Convocation is a session where the full voting body meets, discusses and votes on motions and Trustees.

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