UA GSR Committee October 7, 2018 Meeting Report

Pending a more permanent location for this information, the UA GSR Committee has voted to temporarily to post its minutes on this unofficial UA related service website.

UA GSR Committee October 7, 2018 Meeting Report

Note:  There will be two GSR Committee Meetings in the month of October due to the World Service Conference at the end of the month. At the special  October 7, 2018 GSR Meeting, the following motions passed:

The following motion was passed by acclamation (with one abstention):

Motion to Establish Guidelines to Register a UA Group

(The GSR Committee Recommends This Motion for the WSC 2018 Agenda)

Following are the requirements to register a UA Group. Registered groups are placed on the UA Website Meeting Calendar.

  1. The group has two or more members who are gathered together to recover from underearning.
  2. The meeting is open to all UA members.
  3. The group has no outside affiliation. Therefore, a joint group of UA and another 12 Step fellowship will not be registered as a UA Group. Also, a group cannot be affiliated with any sect, religion, organization, corporation or institution.
  4. A group contact person is required for the initial registration. The contact person will provide their first name and last initial, email address, and phone number to the UA General Service Office (GSO).
  5. The group agrees to update with the UA GSO its meeting location, date/time, and meeting phone information any time there is a change in this information.

These are additional group registration guidelines:

  1. The GSO will keep the group contact person’s information confidential. The GSO may only share the contact person’s information with the consent of the contact person.
  2. It is suggested that groups include in their meeting formats reading of the UA Steps and Traditions. Per the 4th Tradition, the group’s meeting format is a group conscience decision, so meeting formats may vary.
  3. The following types of groups may register if they meet the above requirements:
  • Virtual meeting groups. (e.g. phone meetings, on-line email/forum meetings, and Skype meetings.)
  • Special focus groups. (e.g. the Spiritual Marketing for Coaches and Consultants Group, Musicians and Prosperity in the Arts Group, and Prosperous Possession Consciousness Group.)
  • “Pop-up” phone meeting groups. (A pop-up phone meeting group does not have a regularly-scheduled moderator. Typically, at the beginning of the meeting a member volunteers to moderate using the meeting format as posted on the UA Website.)


  1. It is suggested that groups observe the principle of rotation of service and service positions be filled by group conscience vote.
  2. UA will provide a user-friendly process to register groups.
  3. The effective date for these requirements and guidelines is October 28, 2018, the last day of the World Service Conference. Groups will have until December 31, 2019 to register or re-register.





The following motion was passed unanimously, 16 in favor, 0 against, with 2 abstentions:

Motion to Establish the Role and Guidelines of the GSR Committe and Its Relationship to the General Service Board, World Service Conference and the UA Groups

(The GSR Committee Recommends This Motion for the WSC 2018 Agenda)

(Motion Passed: Yays 16,  Nays 0, Abstentions 2)

The Upside Down Triangle is the basic model for UA’s Service Structure. The GSR Committee plays a primary world service leadership role in UA’s Upside Down Triangle. It derives its position as such from its GSRs who are the elected representatives of their groups. It has the power to speak and act on behalf of the members of UA. It also brings important information about UA to their groups. It is the voice and the ears of the UA members worldwide. The GSR Committee has no other authority than the groups they represent and Higher Power.

Guidelines of the GSR Committee

  1. The GSR Committee will meet at least once a month for 90 minutes and follow Robert’s Rules of Order.
  2. The GSR Committee may create committees or subcommittees which will serve UA as a whole.
  3. The GSR Committee shall meets with the General Service Board at each World Service Conference (WSC). It also may meet with the General Service Board between World Service Conferences.
  4. The GSR Committee may only make suggestions or recommendations to UA groups.
  5. Only GSRs may vote at GSR Committee meetings and at its Subcommittee meetings.
  6. The GSR Committee reports and minutes will be posted on the UA Website.
  7. The Relationship of the GSR Committee to the GSB. The GSR Committee is an entity independent from the General Service Board (GSB). It will seek to have a collaborative relationship with the GSB and will prepare and give oral reports at the GSB meetings to facilitate communication between these two key entities in UA’s Service Structure.
  8. The Responsibilities of the GSR Committee are as follows:

(a) The GSR Committee will bring the following to the WSC:

  • Conference topics.
  • Motions on important matters which affect UA as a whole to be discussed and voted on.

(b)  Inform GSRs on their responsibilities and prepare them for the World Service                           Conference.

(c)       Provide support to meeting groups.

(d) Encourage GSRs to participate in standing committees and subcommittees.

  1. The GSR Committee Chairperson


The Chair of the GSR Committee will prepare the agenda and conduct the monthly business meetings of the GSR Committee; send out the monthly meeting agenda, minutes and meeting reminder notices; communicate closely with the Subcommittee chairs; prepare GSR Committee monthly reports and see that they are posted on the UA Website; and give oral reports at the GSB meetings.


Selection of the Chairperson

The Chairperson is elected by the GSR Committee. These are the recommended qualifications for the GSR Chair:

  • Has completed UA’s 12 Steps and continues to work the Steps with a UA Sponsor who has done the same in UA.
  • Has a working knowledge of the UA 12 Traditions & 12 Concepts of World Service, when they have been passed by the World Service Conference.
  • Has demonstrated a consistent commitment of service in UA at individual meeting levels or higher (e.g. GSR, business chair, committee member, etc.).
  • Is currently a GSR.
  • Has six months solvency (solvency being self-defined).
  • Can attend monthly GSR Committee meetings and GSB monthly meetings.
  • Is able to serve a one-year term.
  • Has sufficient time to perform this service. (Approximately 10 to 12 hours per month.)
  • Has leadership qualities.

The effective date of the provisions in this motion is October 28, 2018, the last day of the UA World Service Conference.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark B. from New York
Chair of the GSR Committee of UA


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