Minutes of the GSR Committee 2/19/17


Minutes of the GSR meeting of Underearners Anonymous 2/19/17 1pm to 2:30pm

            The regular monthly meeting of the GSR Meeting was called to order on February 19, 2017 at 1pm (Eastern Time) by the interim chairman, Mark B from NY.

Serenity Prayer

Time keeper chosen (Arden)

Previous secretary Wayne resigned. No secretary was present so Greg volunteers as secretary temporarily.

Minutes for last the last two meetings (January and December) were read by Chair because two previous secretaries, Wayne (January) and Maggie (December) were not present. December minutes were shortened by Chair because Maggie’s minutes were almost a transcript and too long to read. This is also the reason they were not read previously. Minutes for both unanimously approved (January and December). It is noted that it is not certain if the motions discussed by the secretary in the reading of the minutes were from the approved or unapproved version of the minutes.

Roll Call:

            GSR’s: Jeri, Marcia, Peggy, Pam, Jean Camille, Greg, Tom, Ileana, Carina, Deborah, Steve, Arden, Matt (chair of GSB) Ed

            Non GSR’s: Julie

             Mark (chairman)

Officer Reports:

GSB Report (Matt): GSB meeting happens the 4th Monday of every month. GSB has hired a bookkeeper. GSB will hire a special worker. The Tech committee will be revitalized, has a new chairman.

Literature Committee (Matt): 5 or 6 people attendance. We are working on completing the sponsorship pamphlet. Will also work on another piece of literature

Finance Committee (Chair not present, statement by Finance Committee Chairman read by GSR chair): Donations to the GSB cannot be earmarked to a specific group; they go to the general fund of the GSB. Groups need to set up their own treasury. Maggie is on committee but could not be here today to give a report.

Public Information: No one to give report

Service Structure Committee (Jean Camille). Not meeting at this time. They need members to step up and join this committee. We need a volunteer to from the GSR committee to be the Liaison to the service structure committee. Must create a subcommittee to organize the WSC in 2017. Service Structure committee is a standing committee of the GSB. 

Tech Committee (Ileana):  Deborah joined last month. Still searching for a vision for the Tech Committee. There are phone meetings being abused. There is an interim chair for the Tech committee.  There are People acting outside of Tech Committee.

Old Business.

Mark is unanimously elected chairman of GSR for a year. 0 abstentions.

Greg is unanimously elected as secretary for a year. 0 abstentions

Steve is elected liaison to the service structure committee. 4 nays 5 yeas.

Motion to table the election of the liaison to the finance subcommittee is passed.

Tech committee liaison election not addressed.

New business:

Jeri makes a Motion: That the GSR committee recommend to the GSB that the GSR committee become an autonomous standing committee of the GSB. Yeah -7, Nay -4, Abstain -0.

Unidentified Fellow makes Motion to meet the 3rd Sunday of the month @1pm Eastern Time. Next meeting is March 19th at 1pm eastern. Motion passes unanimously.   






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