Minutes of the GSR Committee 9/17/2017

Minutes of the GSR Committee of Underearners Anonymous 9/17/2017 1:30 to 3:00pm Eastern Time


The regular monthly meeting of the GSR Committee was called to order on September 19, 2017 at 1:30pm Eastern time by the chairman, Mark.


Serenity Prayer


12 traditions read by Vladimir


Deborah volunteers to be the spiritual time keeper.


Roll Call:


Mark V, Chairman of the GSR-Service Structure Committee, New York, The Bronx, seeds of prosperity meeting.

Arden, Berkley California, Writer’s in recovery meeting Tuesday 7:15

Zima, Berkley 8am Pacific Time beginners meeting on Sundays

Shari L. in Connecticut Saturday and Sunday Prosperous Possession, consciousness meeting

Linda, Chicago prosperous travel vision meeting Saturdays and Mondays

Greg, Secretary, Thursday night Altadena meeting in Los Angeles

Vladimir, Paris beginners meeting Saturdays 8am

Randy from San Francisco, Hiding and biting meeting 11pm daily

Kyla, Los Angeles Thursday 11am Return to prosperity meeting

Kenneth from Massachusetts Monday 5:30

Deborah, evening step and speaker meeting in Los Angeles

Lela, Austin Texas, face to face


Brandi, guest of Deborah



Approval of Minutes:


No minutes prepared because the phone number where the recording was located was changed.


Committee Reports:

Finance Committee: (Lela) Did not meet this month. Now they meet on the 4th Sunday of every month at 3pm Eastern. Will meet next week.


Public Information: (Rudy). No report. They meet the 3rd Wednesday at 7:30pm eastern time

(563)-999-1053 Access code: 333248#


Phone/Tech Committee: (Deborah). GSB voted to hire an outside source to redo the website for UA; we are supposed to pass this on to our members. World Service Conference portion of website updated. Chairman of tech committee has an initiative to register meetings which has five goals. Not sure if the GSB will wait until the 2018 WSC to implement these changes to Registration guidelines.


Literature Committee : (Mark) Meets 3rd Monday of every month at 5:00 pm PST


World Service Prep Committee (Mark): Meet on the second Sunday @ 11:30am Eastern for 75 minutes. For more info uawscprep@nullgmail.com. Outreach lists are being updated. Creating a calendar for action steps. Two tentative dates for WSC to be given to the GSR Committee to vote on: October 4 – 7, and October 25 – 28 2018. What should the vision or theme of the conference be?

Straw polls taken on the Tentative Dates for the 2018 UA World Service Conference:

Straw poll on October 4 – 7, 2018 as a Tentative Date for the 2018 WSC: 7 Yays and 3 Nays.

Straw poll on October 25 – 28, 2018 as a Tentative Date for the 2018 WSC: 11 Yays and 0 Nays.


Service Structure committee(Steve) No report


Old Business.



New business:



Motion 1

“The GSR Committee is represented by the Chair. The Chair will draft a GSR Committee monthly report which only includes the GSR Committee’s motions that were passed and not passed and other group conscience votes and will send this report to the members of the GSR Committee and the General Service Board. The Chair’s name will be listed on the report. This report is the voice of the GSR Committee and the UA meeting groups.” (Motion Passed Unanimously with 12 Yays; 0 Nays; 1 abstention)

Motion 2

“The March 19, 2017 Motion regarding ‘Primary Purposes of the GSR Committee’ read:


‘One of the primary purposes of the GSR Committee will be to establish a monthly list of concerns of the GSRs to be conveyed to the GSB via the Liaison at the monthly GSB meeting. The GSR Committee will have its own self-determining agenda.’

This motion AMENDS the language of the March 19, 2017 motion so it now reads:


‘One of the primary purposes of the GSR Committee will be to establish a monthly report to be conveyed to the GSB and the GSR committee.” The GSR Committee will have its own self-determining agenda.'” (Motion Passed Unanimously with 7 Yays; 0 Nays; 1 abstention)







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