Minutes of the GSR Committee 8/20/2017

Minutes of the GSR Committee of Underearners Anonymous 8/20/2017 1:30 to 3:00pm Eastern Time


The regular monthly meeting of the GSR Committee was called to order on September 19, 2017 at 1:30pm Eastern time by the chairman, Mark.


Serenity Prayer


12 traditions read by Peggy


Vladimir volunteers to be the spiritual time keeper.


Roll Call:


Mark B, Chairman of the GSR-Service Structure Committee, New York, The Bronx, seeds of prosperity meeting.

Arden, Berkley California, Writer’s in recovery meeting Tuesday 7:15

Peggy, Goals Pages meeting Friday

Jeri 9:45 step and tools meeting mainline

Suzette 55 plus meeting Maryland

Linda, Chicago prosperous travel vision meeting Saturdays 12:15 and Mondays at 4:15

Shari L. in Connecticut Saturday and Sunday Prosperous Possession, consciousness meeting

Geraldine, 6pm London

Olga, Trading and investing meeting, New York, fridays at 4:15

Vladimir, Paris, France, Hiding and biting to shining and receiving meeting, 11pm eastern time

Jazz Montreal 6am sewing with serenity meeting

Sean, UA arts

Clara 7:15 am under earning and solvency

Julie, UA prosperity Meeting

Klinga, Texas, 11am Television meeting

Rudy, Los Angeles, beyond six figures, Wednesday night.

Unidentified, Winipeg face to face group

Kerri representing the Tuesday possession consciousness meeting

Fred Santa Cruz face to face

Joe, New York Sewing with Serenity meeting 11am Monday

Daphne, representing no meeting

Deborah, evening step and speaker meeting in Los Angeles

Janet, daily steps and tools meeting

Greg, Secretary, Thursday night Altadena meeting in Los Angeles

Debbie, representing newcomers

Andrew representing himself


Denis LA


Avi, Wednesday healing the inner child meeting

Steve, intuition and clarity meeting


Kate from Washington state, Saturday and Sunday prosperous possession consciousness meeting

unidentified, Los Angeles

Linda from Washington,

Clara, under earning and solvency 11:15am daily

Bonnie from Arizona

Unidentified from Las Vegas

Deborah, Seattle

Lela, Austin Texas, face to face 5pm meeting Sunday


Janet, Southern California

Pam, heartfelt prosperity meeting, steps and tools 8:30 everyday

Zima, Berkley 8am Pacific Time beginners meeting on Sundays


Approval of Minutes:

Changes to the minutes: Under The GSB report all references made to Mark’s title were changed from “Liaison” to “Chair” except for the last sentence which now states that “Mark is OK with not being the Liaison to the GSB and electing a new liaison, but not electing a new chair”.


Motion Number 2 was changed to read “We reiterate that the creation of this GSR committee and its independence from the General Service Board and Service Structure committee was unanimously voted upon at the 2016 World Service Conference”


Minutes approved with one abstention


Committee Reports:


World Service Prep Committee (Pam): Updating GSR contact list. Passed a motion to post meeting date on the calendar. Working on letter for GSR’s with info on WSC. Working on a list of actions and calendar for WSC. Meet on the second Sunday @ 1:30am Eastern for 75 minutes. For more info uawscprep@nullgmail.com


Literature Committee : (Pam) Meets 3rd Monday of every month at 5:00 pm. Continue to work on sponsorship pamphlet


Finance Committee: (Lela). Did not meet this month. Now they meet on the 4th Sunday of every month at 3pm Eastern. Question as to why a Liaisons had to report to both the GSB and the GSR committee? Answer is we are looking for clarity as to GSB finances. We have a chair in each committee. New people welcome.


Public Information: (Rudy). First PI committee meeting. Five people present. They are in the process of creating an agenda. What is the purpose of PI? Need more members. They meet the 3rd Wednesday at 4:30 to 5:30pm eastern time. Call to members with marketing experience to join up, anyone is welcome though.


Phone/Tech Committee: (Deborah). Special focus groups discussed briefly at July GSB meeting. They will discuss it more in the August board meeting. At the june meeting GSB chairman stated that a meeting did not comply with the traditions because they were promoting outside issues. There is a motion requesting more information from the GSB.


Old Business.

Steve reelected liaison to Service Structure Committee with Suzette as backup unamonously.


New business:


Motion 4 : Motion to Recommend that the General Service Board Continue to Allow Special Focus Groups to be Registered as UA Groups and that the General Service Board Wait to Implement Policy Changes Regarding Meeting Group Registration Until These Changes Have Been Approved by the World Service Conference

Pursuant to Tradition 4, the GSR Committee recommends that the General Service Board continues to allow “special focus groups” to be registered in UA and listed on the UA Website, as long as these meetings are open to all UA members to attend. (Examples of special focus groups are Selling with Serenity Meeting, Spiritual Marketing for Coaches and Consultants Meeting, Writers in Recovery Meeting, Musicians and Prosperity in the Arts Meeting, and 50 + Meeting). If the GSB would like there to be policy changes to existing meeting registration policy, we recommend that the GSB wait to implement these policy changes on registration until the new policy guidelines are approved by full discussion and vote at the World Service Conference, so there is full participation by the UA Fellowship. Pursuant to UA Proposed Concepts of World Service 1, 2 and 12 and AA Concepts of World Service 1,2 and 12, the World Service Conference is authorized to make policy decisions via discussion and vote, and the General Service Board is only authorized to administer these policy decisions . The GSR members and GSB members are the members who are entitled to discuss and vote on policy matters at the World Service Conference.

We request that the GSB circulate new proposed policy guidelines on the UA website regarding registration policy no later than 3 months before the WSC.

yays 17 nays 4 abstention 3

Motion passes

Motion to extend meeting five meetings

motion passes with 3 nays






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