Minutes of the GSR Committee 8/19/2018

Pending a more permanent location for this information, the UA GSR Committee has voted to temporarily to post its minutes on this unofficial UA related service website.

Minutes of the GSR Committee 8/19/2018

Open with the we version of the serenity prayer

Fred reads the 12 traditions

Spiritual Time Keeper- Wendy in Oregon


Roll Call




Mark B NYC, Union Square NYC

Peter ISR for the Pasadena Prosperity Meeting LA Intergroup

Andrew (new) for NY Intergroup

Gregg Thursday Prosperity Meeting

Fred Santa Cruze, CA

Lela Austin, Tx. Sunday 5 pm

Shawn AZ Basic Recovery on Sunday

Marsha Underearning and Solvency




Stephen Farmers Market Meeting, LA

Gina Thriving Therapists on Thursday, 8:30 am EST

Brandy Sat, 5:30 Underearning and Solvency,9:45 pm EST

Shari Lynne Sat 1:30/ Sunday 2;00 EST Prosperous Possession Consciousness

Neil 50 plus Thursday night, 8pm EST

Wendy Vitality and Prosperity 12:15 eastern

Daphne Leah Selling with Serenity 11pm EST

Linda in Chicago Prosperous Travel Vision, Saturday 12:15 pm EST

Arden writers in recovery 7:15 pm Tuesday phone

Shawn NY UA Arts

Debora Step and Speaker Meetings, evening Tues. Wed. Fri.

Mair WA


Members at large:

Toni from N. CA


Lela reads the minutes- 7 minutes


Mair WA- asks for update on minutes Mairnvc@nullgmail.com

Joanna NYC question about the conference scholarship money

Arden- comments we are way off time on the minutes


Arden makes a motion to accept the minutes as read. Shari Lynn accepts them.

No objections.

Minutes pass


Shari Lynn- Report- No official meeting. Thank you to the members for their hard work and the work of this committee- most meetings have switched to dash board. Shari Lynn would like to make a motion to take a hiatus of the committee until after the WSC. She thinks there is more important work to be done.

Mark-We don’t need a motion.




MOTION: The GSR Committee Recommends for the WSC Agenda: Motion to Establish Guidelines to Register A UA Group


Neil proposes changes and to amend as read. MOTION to amend on the floor.


Neil reads the amended version.

Shari Lynn makes a motion to vote in the changes as is.

Mark sends the email out in partially edited form.

Lela – (myself) says I can’t receive emails while on the phone.



Arden- in support of it

Jason- feels that is was fine the way it was and,

Would like to see a fully intact motion.

The requirements are numbered because they are requirements for clarity sake. Some of the other sections there are descriptions for clarity sake. Can’t be overly simplistic.

Arden- wants to see a clean version of it.

*Other members ask for a complete edited written form.

Mark forwards at the email in partially edited form.

Lela- I can’t receive an email while on the phone line.

Point of Order- Friendly amendment. The group has the motion- now it must be formally amended.


Wendy makes a motion to table it.


Shari Lynn has a concern about how we created peace between the GSR service structure and the committee- the concern is if it gets tabled it will be confusing.


Debora- says thank you for the revision, and, she has a couple of points to discuss and possibly change.

  1. Two or more people (3rd tradition), requirement- DA has a suggestion that meeting groups include traditions and steps with in the meeting formate. please ad another suggestion as part of the guideline. Suggested only, making sure their interpretation is the same. The big book says they are suggested only.


Mark- Here’s Debora’s objection. controversy about the 12 and 12.


Neil calls the question: Vote to Call the Question

13 for, 7 against, 1 abstain



Neil reads the amended motion-


for: 7 Mair, Shari Lynn, Neil, Arden, Linda L, Linda in Chicago, John

Against: 8   Wendy, Brandy, Joanna, Shawn , Jason, Gregg, Debora, Lela


Abstentions: 3   Marsha, Stephen, Andrew





Wendy makes a motion to end the meeting

Daphne Leah seconds



Close with the “we “ version of the serenity prayer

















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