Minutes of the GSR Committee 7/15/2018

Pending a more permanent location for this information, the UA GSR Committee has voted to temporarily to post its minutes on this unofficial UA related service website.

GSR Committee Meeting             

July 15, 2018


Open with We version of the serenity prayer

Spiritual time keeper: Alexander

12 Traditions of UA read by Randy


The minutes read by Lela, approved by acclamation


5 minute roll call:



Mark B, NY

Alexander, Los Angeles

HenaSusha, Massachusetts

Randi, Los Angeles

Randy, San Francisco

Peter, Los Angeles

Lela, Austin

Stephen, Los Angeles

Brandi (soon to be GSR of Sat. phone meeting)

Arden, Berkeley

Tamica, Los Angeles

Jason, NY

Greg, Los Angeles

Shari Lynn, Connecticut

John, Arizona

Neil, Maryland

Linda, WA

Randi, Los Angeles

Stephen, Los Angeles

Debora, Los Angeles

Linda, Chicago


Old Business


MOTION: Motion to Create Service Structure Development Subcommittee of the GSR Committee


(Proposed by Jason; seconded by Shari Lynn)


This motion creates a Service Structure Development Subcommittee of the GSR Committee.


  • This Subcommittee’s duties will be as follows:

– It will research other successful 12 Step Fellowships’ service structures.

– It will use this research to develop new proposed democratic service structure guidelines for UA and revisions to the draft UA Concepts of Service and Bylaws.


  • The motions drafted by this Subcommittee will be brought to the full GSR Committee for discussion and vote.


  • This Subcommittee will have a liaison to the GSB Service Structure Committee.



14 for





Shari Lynn would like to nominate Jason as the chair of this committee. Jason accepts.

Marks asks for volunteers to be in this committee: Mark, Debora, Shari Lynn, Greg, Shawn, and Lela


MOTION: The GSR Committee Recommends for the WSC Agenda: Motion to Establish Guidelines to Register a UA Group


(Proposed by Debora; Seconded by Arden)


Following are the requirements to register a UA Group. Registered groups are placed on the UA Website Meeting Calendar.


  1. The group has two or more members who are gathered together to recover from underearning.


  1. The meeting is open to all UA members.


  1. The group has no outside affiliation. Therefore, a joint group of UA and another 12 Step fellowship will not be registered as a UA Group. Also, a group cannot be affiliated with any sect, religion, organization, corporation or institution.


  1. A group contact person is required for the initial registration. The contact person will provide their first name and last initial, email address, and phone number to the UA General Service Office (GSO).


  1. The group agrees to update with the UA GSO its meeting location, date/time, and meeting phone information any time there is a change in this information.

These are additional group registration guidelines:


  • After a group has registered, if it no longer has a contact person, it still may continue to be registered, but it’s best for the group to have a contact person so that the GSO can communicate with the group.
  • Virtual meetings (for example, phone meetings, on-line email/forum meetings, and Skype meetings) will be registered if they meet the above requirements.


  • Special focus groups will be registered if they meet the above requirements. (Examples of special focus groups are the Spiritual Marketing for Coaches and Consultants Meeting, Abundance and Prosperity in the Arts Meeting, and 50 + Meeting.)


  • Pop-up phone meetings will be registered if they meet the above requirements. (Pop-up phone meetings are meetings which do not have a regularly-scheduled moderator, so UA members show up for the call and spontaneously find a volunteer to moderate the call.)
  • UA will provide a user-friendly process to register groups.


The effective date for these requirements and guidelines is October 28, 2018


*Arden recommends each meeting have 2 contact names (instead of one).



Debora makes motion to table; Arden 2nd’s


*Neil (over lapping motion) “Moves that we establish a committee to work on this and present it to the GSR Committee next month.”

Neil’s MOTION:

Linda in Chicago 2nd’s the motion



+1 (Mark to break the tie) = 7

Motion to table passes

(forgot to ask for abstentions)


[GSR meeting votes to extend the meeting 10 minutes.]




Report from the World Service Prep Subcommittee- Debora

In June we had two 90 minute meetings and in July we will be having two 90 minute meetings as well. So here is what has happened during June and this first half of July.

At the beginning of June, members of our Committee participated in voting for a World Service Conference theme, and the winning theme was Living our Vision: Unity, Service & Prosperity. This theme will be guiding our committee’s vision and preparation work for the 2018 World Service Conference. Our hope is that it will be the guiding spirit of the whole World Service Conference.

At our meeting on June 24, we voted to extend the deadline for GSRs to return Topics of Concern Surveys to the WSC Committee until July 31st due to the request of some of our GSRs.

At our meetings on June 10, June 24 and July 8 we discussed and passed virtual attendance guidelines and scholarship guidelines. Our committee is encouraging in-person participation by GSRs and GSB members at the World Service Conference because it is a memorable experience, and it is important for building unity within our Fellowship. However, we understand that GSRs and GSB members may have important reasons for not being able to attend in person, so we voted at our meeting on July 8 that there will be available to GSRs and Board members audio conferencing, and they will have the ability to vote by phone. There will be a $75.00 fee for virtual attendance at the whole conference including registration. Only GSRs and Board members will be able to attend virtually in order to minimize the possibility of disruptions to Conference discussion and voting by call disrupters.

We anticipate opening up registration to attend the Conference in person and by phone by mid-August.

Moving onto the topic of scholarship, the amount we estimated to have in the GSR Scholarship Fund by August 20 was $3,800. However, we have good news: the General Service Board has voted to transfer an additional $2,000.00 into the fund and is expected to vote to transfer an additional $700.00 into the Scholarship fund. So we are expecting a total of $6,500.00 by the time of the scholarship award date. We have approximately 47 GSRs who have either come to our meetings or emailed our Committee or the GSR Committee within the last six months.

Our Registration and Scholarship Packet subcommittee has drafted a Scholarship Application Packet based on extensive discussion and voting on scholarship guidelines. Our plan is to email the Scholarship Application packet to all GSRs tomorrow. The deadline for GSRs to return their applications by email to our WSC Preparation Committee will be August 16th. The Scholarship award decisions will be made by a Subcommittee of the WSC Prep Committee composed of GSRs and members at large who will not be applying for scholarships. The scholarship decisions will be made by August 31st, and GSRs will be notified by September 2nd.

If you have any questions, please contact me at uawscservice@nullgmail.com.

We are hoping that many of our GSRs will be having fundraising efforts within the next few weeks since only partial scholarships will be usually awarded, and only a maximum of $557.00, which is the cost of the Conference.


Brandi M’s Report – WSC Attendance Fundraising Suggestions

Brandi has been a member of the UA WSC Preparation Committee since 2018 and has a lot of experience with GSR Fundraising that she obtained in the other money 12 Step Program.

  1. Have a GSR phone meeting fundraiser extravaganza with other GSRs, including speakers on the UA steps or time/possession consciousness/& money or other creative ideas. Set up a PayPal account in order for UA members to make their donation.
  2. Visit other UA face-to-face and phone meetings that don’t have a GSR to ask if they would be willing to contribute to your home group’s GSR fund. Mention that you will give them a UA World Service Conference report.
  3. Create a spending plan which includes cost of the whole conference, airfare, meals while traveling and ground transportation.
  4. I will make a $25 donation per each GSR that participates in an individual and / or group fundraiser for UA World Service Conference attendance.
  5. Carpool to the event with other GSRs.
  6. Share with other GSRs an Uber/Lyft/Taxi. It could save each GSR $50 or more for a round trip.
  7. Possibly ask friends and family for donations.

All 12 steps are about going to any lengths

*Brandi is willing to be a point person regarding fundraising: 408-687-5958

*Mark suggests we take up other fundraising ideas off line.

Close with the serenity prayer- we version



Neil gets names for the committee regarding Guidelines to Register a UA Group Motion. He asks: who wants to participate?

Shari Lynn

Toni (not a GSR) 414-419-7382

Debora (Los Angeles)


Linda in Chicago

Tamica – thankyouHP92317@nullgmail.com

Neil from Baltimore


Lela gives Finance Committee Meeting report:


  • Please send money directly to each group’s treasurer or GSR if you want to the funds to go to support the GSR going to the WSC.
  • Setting up a PayPal account for your group is one available method for contributions.
  • Cash is ok to send, it’s one way to make it easy and anonymous as well; you can send it to the treasurer of the meeting you are supporting, or the GSR, if there is no treasurer. Keep a record.
  • Finance committee is working on a Treasury Manual to help with UA finances – including how to set up a meeting’s Treasury Account, etc.
  • Leah’s term is up at the WSC 2018. Please keep in mind that it is a position to be filled.


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