Minutes of the GSR Committee 6/17/2018

Pending a more permanent location for this information, the UA GSR Committee has voted to temporarily to post its minutes on this unofficial UA related service website.



The GSR Committee Phone Meeting June 17, 2018


“We” version of the serenity prayer


Greg- Read the 12 traditions


Spiritual Time Keeper – Arden


Alexander (LA)Tues.

Greg (S. California) Thurs. 7:30 PST f to f, Altadena, CA

Marcia (LA) wed,. 7pm PST, f to f

Shawn, (NY) UA How Arts Sun. 12:30 pm EST, f to f

Lela (Austin, Tx) 5 PM Central, f to t

Shari Lynn (CONN) Prosperity Step and Tools, Sat. 1:30 pm EST

Arden (Berkley, CA) Writers in Recovery, Tues 7:15 pm EST

Vladimir (Paris) UA Beginners in Portuguese (Skype), Sat/Sun 8am EST

Jason (NY) Prosperity in Our Relationships, Sun. 8:30 PM EST

Randy (N. CA) From Hiding and Biting to Shining and Receiving,12:15 pm EST Mon-Sun

George- From Hiding and Biting to Shining and Receiving, 1:30 PM EST

Neil – 50 plus, Thurs, 8 pm EST

Janet, (San Diego) 8:30 Am EST Sunday

Sonya (LA) Dailey Prosperity and Vitality, 12:15 am EST

HenaSusha (Amherst, MA) Mon. 5:30 pm EST f to f

Deborah (LA) Tues/Wed/Fri. Step and Speaker Mtm, phone

Linda (Chicago) Prosperous Travel Vision, Sat. 12:15/ Mon 4:14 pm EST

Mark B (NY) Sat. 11:30 am EST

Marcia (LA) Sherman Oaks Prosperity f to f, Wed. 7pm.

Desiree, UA member, Chicago


Arden will read the minutes:

Minutes approved.




MOTION already on the table from the last business meeting.

Greg reads the motion: Motion to Create Service Structure Development Subcommittee of the GSR Committee (10 minutes)

Arden makes a motion to table this motion. 2nd (by ?)

Lela asks to include investigating how other 12 step programs keep the peace and respect for a safe meeting.




Alexander: Wants ‘Good Orderly Direction’ with our emails and is concerned about security.


MOTION: Going forward from now, All communication by email will be BCC to all GSR members.

Jason-completely against, will shut down communication.

Randy- against

Greg- suggest we do a google group. friendly amendment, each person may choose if they

want to be Bcc and let the chair person know.

Neil- suggests get a separate email for 12 step that is anonymous

Alexander- put everyones email addresses at the bottom of the minutes.


4 for, 10 against, 2 abstentions


*Mark says anyone can contact him and ask him to bcc.

*Marcia suggests Mail Chimp. She asked, Does anyone know about that?


MOTION: Regarding Guidelines to Registering a UA Group (12 minutes) to be Recommended to the GSB

Arden 2nds

Shari Lynne asks for a friendly amendment- All UA members have access to a list of all th meetings registered and it is available to on the website, and there is a timeline guideline to get it up on the website.

Arden does not accept the friendly amendment.

Sonya- in favor, what is the formate? Steps and traditions not mentioned.

Deborah- suggests this is another motion for suggested guidelines for each meeting to b formed at a later time.

Arden makes a motion to table, Deborah 2nds.


Deborah asks to let us get back to the group after June 30.

*Shari Lynn- meeting support group (which meeting?) is postponed to this coming Wednesday.

Mark asks if people can email her about disrupters. nannybythehour@nullgmail.com

*Shari Lynn asks if we can we discuss the amendments to the topics discussed.

(Shari Lynn -her meeting took 1 1/2 month to get the number changed, and maybe changed back).


*Lela- asks that we email to a group and not just one person, both the feedback about the

disrupters to Shari Lynne and that sub committee, as well as the feedback from each group

about the topics for the World Service Conference, please, for transparency.

Close with the Serenity Prayer.


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