World Service Conference Topics

A motion was made and tabled at the March 2018 GSR Meeting and amended and tabled at the April 2018 GSR Meeting. UA groups and individuals are encouraged to consider the following (For details, see minutes):

Important Topics for 2018 World Service Conference 

The following are important fellowship-wide topics that the GSR Committee would like to see on the agenda of the 2018 World Service Conference.

  1. The establishment and clarification of the duties, guidelines and roles of the GSR Committee, the General Service Board (GSB) and the World Service Conference, and their relationships with each other and the UA groups.
  2. Establishment of the duties and guidelines for all World Service Level Committees, including their relationships with the GSR Committee, the GSB and the World Service Conference.
  3. Revision of the UA Concepts and Bylaws that were approved by the GSB in 2016, and subsequent voting on these items at the World Service Conference.
  4. Establishment and clarification of voting and procedural guidelines for the World Service Conference.
  5. Establish UA Meeting Group registration guidelines. (These guidelines will determine which meetings can be included on the UA Calendar).
  6. UA Treasury reallocation to increase the percentage of donations that are allocated for scholarships for GSR attendance at the World Service Conference. (Currently only 10% of the donations are allocated for scholarships for GSRs to attend the World Service Conference. The GSB Treasurer estimated that we will have $3,000 available for scholarships for the 2018 World Service Conference. The balance as of March 20, 2018 in UA’s General Service Treasury was $48,586.39).
  7. Establish guidelines on listing documents on the UA Website so that the documents indicate whenever possible if they are Conference-Approved, Board-Approved, Committee-Approved or Meeting Group-Approved and the approval dates.
  8. Ratifying Suggested Requirements for the GSR Position, which were passed by the GSR Committee at its December 17, 2017 meeting.

Background Information: The GSRs will soon be asked to take a survey to their groups and ask their members to vote on what they believe to be their top one to ten fellowship-wide topics of interest. The voting results of the groups will then be transmitted to the WSC Prep Committee. This motion Regarding Important Topics for 2018 World Service Conference Agenda is only to be brought to the groups for informational purposes; the groups are free to decide what are their top one to ten topics of concern.

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