UA GSR Committee March 18, 2018 Meeting Report

Pending a more permanent location for this information, the UA GSR Committee has voted to temporarily to post its minutes on this unofficial UA related service website.

The GSR Committee passed one motion this month.

Motion Creating Meeting Support Subcommittee of the GSR Committee
(Passed: Yay: 9, Nay: 3, Abstention: 2)

The GSR Committee will create a Meeting Support Subcommittee of the GSR Committee. This subcommittee will provide assistance to meetings in order to facilitate carrying the message to the underearner who still suffers. Its meetings will be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order. Its duties will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Assisting with finding regular moderators for meetings that are pop-ups.
  • Assist groups with a struggling service structure in getting and creating a stronger group with committed service people.
  • Providing meetings with solutions in dealing with abusive callers/intruders.
  • Providing moderators/chairs with training materials.
  • For phone meetings (include offline help with moderator codes)
  • Providing an information sheet on how to set up a PayPal Account for a meeting so that it can pay for GSR and other expenses.
  • Encouraging meeting groups to elect GSRs.

This subcommittee was populated today with 4 people volunteering to be members.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark B. from New York
Chair of the GSR Committee of UA


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