Meeting Minutes, Literature Committee, July 17, 2016

In attendance:

  • Greg G. (acting secretary), Joshua, Peter S. (chair), and Russ C. (new member)


1. Orientation Packet

  • It was agreed that the committee would benefit from having an orientation packet for new committee members.

2. Preparation for 2016 WSC

3. Vision of Earning Wellness & Wholeness

  • Reviewing the GSB’s suggested changes, it was the unanimous consensus of the committee that:
    • the repeated references to Higher Power water down the meaning of the text in unintended ways;
    • the list is UA’s equivalent of the AA Promises;
    • the following affirmations be worded thus:
      • 6) We choose actions and commitments that serve our needs and contribute to our prosperity, in accordance with our Higher Power’s will for us.
      • 8) We embrace working with others whenever having co-workers, associates or employees serves.
      • 9) We experience the physical vitality and health that supports our self-expression and expansion.
  • The introduction will be discussed at the next meeting.

Action Items

  • Ahead of next month’s meeting,
    • Joshua and Russ will create a first draft of an orientation packet.
    • All committee members will:
      1. Go over the four proposals, and come back with feedback and suggestions by email.
      2. Go over the current draft of the Service pamphlet.
      3. Review the introduction to the Vision of Earning Wellness & Wholeness.
    • Peter will investigate making the next call a videoconference.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting is Sunday, August 21, 7:00-8:00pm EST.


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