Literature Committee Meeting Minutes, December 20, 2015

In Attendance

  • David, Joshua, Peter S (chair), Shakira, Shari Lynn, Wendy
  • Regrets: Farrah


1. Literature Committee working format

  • We will move the detailed discussion of working drafts on-line, using collaboration software, and use subcommittee calls to resolve issues
  • For the time being, we will make use of Google docs; we will also look at using the collaboration software under review by the GSB
  • Discussion on committee calls will be limited to progress reports and yes/no decisions on whether drafts are ready to move further along the approval process

2. Current Initiatives

  • It was agreed that we would limit ourselves to working on two initiatives at a time.
  • The committee reviewed the status of current initiatives; we will focus on the following two:
    • “Accountability Teams” one page introduction
    • “ProsperiTeam” set of documents
  • The following initiatives have been placed on hold:
    • “Underearning & Our Thinking”
    • “Tool 5: Service”
    • Action Partner format
    • “Spritual Job Search”

3. Literature Committee Proposals

  • The GSB has reiterated that literature and revising the web site are their top priorities (along with the World Service Conference), but have not yet responded to any of our proposals.

4. Initiatives

  • ProsperiTeam materials
    • The subcommittee has finished reviewing/revising the documents for the program-ready (but not final) draft.
    • Shakira will share the documents to the whole committee
    • The committee will review the documents ahead of next meeting, so we can approve distributing them to the fellowship.
  • “Accountability Teams”
    • Peter/Farrah will share the working draft to the whole committee
    • The committee review the draft ahead of the next meeting

5. Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be on the third Sunday on the month, January 16, 7:00-8:00pm Eastern (6:00pm Central, 4:00pm Pacific), on the conference bridge (712) 432-1500 # 706291.
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