Public Information Committee, Meeting Minutes, November 7, 2015


  • Deborah (CA), Kelly (Vancouver), Marianne (North Carolina)


  • Increase awareness within the fellowship of the fact that the P.I. committee exists, and what its goals are;
  • Mission/ goals for the P.I. committee outside the fellowship: increase awareness that U.A. exists.


  • Flier
  • FAQs for website
  • “To the Professional” (letter)

Goals for P.I. committee structure

  1. Increase size of committee, so as to have more service positions filled. Formalize committee; define tasks and goals and terms of service.
    1. For officer positions have completed through Step 5 with a UA sponsor who has completed all 12 Steps in UA;
    2. For other committee members: have been in UA at least 6 months, be actively working the steps and tools; conscientious about their recovery and wants to serve;
    3. Term of service one year; can renew up to one additional year.
  2. We need to articulate the skills and qualities that would be useful to have to be on the P.I. committee / desired skills & qualities:
    1. Proofreading & editing
    2. Writing skills
    3. Outreach experience (outside and within 12-Step fellowships)
    4. Ability to make a commitment and follow through
    5. Ideally things like having served on the P.I. committee of other fellowships.
  3. We ask that the secretary write up and distribute the minutes each month, write to the GSB each month to update them as to what we are working on, and discuss any needs for their feedback.
  4. We need more clarity as to membership of the committee. We need to have former members of the P.I. committee let us know with clarity that they are no longer on the committee, if they cannot show up.
  5. We need to send out letters to the fellowship to generate energy and enthusiasm about participating on the P.I. committee, so as to enlarge the membership of the committee.
  6. Goal soon: send out flier(s) to the membership to post, in order to boost awareness that U.A. exists.
  7. Goal by the time of the 2016 conference: to have P.I. Manual completed.

Actions committed to and outcome (if any)

  1. Announcements and minutes to e-mail lists, GSB group list-serve, UA newsletter, other UA google group lists;
  2. Speak to GSB representatives, ask how we are to proceed (we had gotten feedback that our submitted literature was not adequate or appropriate, received the suggestion that we refer to the UA literature guidelines, but received no specific feedback as to which pieces we submitted were unacceptable or in what ways);
  3. Request a GSB representative to come to our committee meetings, or some other vehicle for having a liaison.
  4. Outreach to previous members to get clarity about participation


  • Chair spoke with the chair of the GSB.
    It was explained that the highest priorities right now for the GSB were (a) the 2016 conference and (b) the website.
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