Literature Committee Meeting Minutes, October 18, 2015

In Attendance:

  • Farrah N, Joshua, Nick B, Peter S, Shakira, Shari Lynn, Wendy C


  1. New Literature
  • ProsperiTeam materials
    • The literature committee will review the materials only at a high level, holding off detailed review while the subcommittee goes through the documents and the overall structure becomes clear.
    • It was agreed that an equivalent term for abstinence/solvency in UA needed discussion at a broader level than the literature committee; for the time being, we will use the term “recovery.”
    • Wendy will circulate the “quality of life” metrics.
    • Farrah will draft a one pager for accountability teams in general.
  • Spiritual guide to job search
    • Joshua will distribute his draft.
  • Action partner format
    • Shari Lynn will redistribute the draft format.
  1. UA Website
  • The joint meeting with the GSB is still pending.
  • For discussion purposes, Peter will include a section on the test website to make specific meeting formats easy to find. (It is hard to quickly find them in the calendar; there was no agreement on the call on how to approach this problem.)
  1. Existing Literature
  • “Underearning and Our Thinking”
    • (No discussion: the committee will review the remainder of Joshua’s suggestions in future.)
  1. Next Meeting
  • The next meeting will be on the third Sunday on the month, November 15, 7:00-8:00pm Eastern (6:00pm Central, 4:00pm Pacific), on the conference bridge (712) 432-1500 # 706291.
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