Revised Format For Website Literature Page

The following revision to the Literature page on the UA website was reviewed and approved by the Literature Committee on March 14, 2015; it is proposed to the GSB.

Key elements:

  • Separate sections for the different kinds of literature, with guidance on usage
  • Addition of a page for audio media (i.e., recordings)
  • Documents scrubbed for anonymity; formatting and typos cleaned up
  • Removing meeting-specific formats from the Literature pages (the committee suggests that a separate page might be added for easy reference, but see this as the realm of the Phone Intergroup, not the Literature Committee)

Please see the test site at for a demonstration for the proposed changes.

(Note that the demo does not include all literature materials proposed to be on the site at this time. Also note that this test site includes some other possible changes to the current website, e.g., the ability to print the meeting calendars; the addition of a newsletter; etc.; these changes are not part of this proposal.)


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