Literature Committee Meeting Minutes, January 8, 2015


Present: Farrah N, Jill, Mark B, Peter S
Absent: Bob M, Nick B, Shari Lynn, Wendy C

Literature Committee Status

  • Peter will send out a poll of possible meeting times and dates prior to next meeting.

UA Website Literature Page

  • Peter will circulate a straw man format for the web page, clearly delineating different kinds of literature and suggested usage.

Existing Literature

  • Peter will circulate the inventory of current literature.
  • The GSB has asked the literature committee for guidance on the communication from the UA archivist identifying eight pieces of literature as “conference approved.”
  • The committee reiterated its previous decision that all literature dealing with recovery needs be approved by the world service committee, whereupon it is labeled “conference created,” and can be published by the GSB. This guidance will be provided to the GSB.
  • The committee will consider how to describe literature that has been published by the GSB but has not yet been approved by the world service conference (as part of its review of the Literature page).

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the literature committee will be Feb 12.

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