NY Intergroup Meeting Minutes, February 8, 2014

In Attendance

  • Aviva, Chris, Dorothy M,Ed W, Lisa V, Mike M, Orison A, Wayne M

Minutes of Last Meeting

  • Accepted as read

Treasury Report

Opening Balance $2,355.71
January Share-A-Day Expenses
Amplifier & Microphones, Operator
Lunch for ISRs
Total Expenses $1,911.19
Share-A-Day Income $1056.46
Closing Balance


  • Accepted as presented


Passed motions in blue. Other action items in green.

January Share-a-Day

  • Overall The UA Share A Day was a great success: it was a most uplifting experience for all.
  • Connie was congratulated for doing an excellent job chairing the event.
  • All scholarships where used.
  • Feedback and suggestions:
    • A printed schedule of the UA Share A Day for all participants.
    • Working scholarships should be provided, so that beneficiaries help set up beforehand and clean up afterwards.
    • Educate fellow members on how to use any and all the tools of the program.
    • Raise admissions price for future events.
    • Negotiate rent and PA services with Trinity—Mike mentioned that he had communications with the Trinity Church secretary and that the rent for the space can be negotiated; Wayne will investigate
    • In order to make use of the Trinity Church PA system, we need to use their technician, for an additional fee
    • Find a different venue for future UA events
    • Some people were disappointed that the keynote speakers left right after the commitments. Maybe it would be a good idea for them to participate in the whole of the Share-A-Day.
    • Feedback from the surveys taken during the event is presented at the end of these minutes.

Spending Plan/2014 Budget

Lisa presented the Spending Plan for 2014, but it was not completely finished. It will be revised by Lisa and brought back for approval at the next meeting, including reflecting more abundant revenue from Share A Day events.

Meeting Support

A motion to support the Wednesday Visions meeting with $100 did not carry.

(meeting notes end at 3:00pm)

Share-A-Day Survey Results

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