NY Intergroup Meeting Minutes, November 9, 2013

In Attendance:

  • Anna A, Aviva R, Chris W, Conni M, Dorothy, Jean M, Lisa V, Mike M, Peter S, Tony

Minutes of Last Meeting

  • Accepted as corrected

Treasury Report

Opening Balance: $2,303.12
—no expenses—
Closing Balance: $2,303.12



Passed motions in blue. Other action items in green.

Vision Statement

  • Lisa presented a draft vision statement based on the suggestions made at the October meeting.
  • Under discussion, the draft statement was revised to read as follows:

“New York Intergroup promotes the common welfare of all group members in Underearners Anonymous in the Tri-State area. Our actions aim to provide support by coordinating the exchange of information and resources with meetings and with the UA General Service Board, and to inspire fellowship among our members through the planning of events. We are dedicated to work in a spirit of cooperation, mutual respect and consideration of all ideas presented to support unity and recovery. All are welcome to participate in our meetings.”

  • Peter and Lisa will circulate it to the Google group, for presentation and discussion at area meetings.
  • The final vision statement will be presented at the January Intergroup meeting.

Accounts/Spending Plan

  • Lisa presented a revised statement of expenses for 2013, against the categories raised at the October meeting, with initial projections for 2014 (see below).
  • Lisa will add income (including events, contributions and literature), to make this a cash flow statement, and project expenses and income for four Share-a-Day type events in 2014.

January Share-a-Day

  • The space at Trinity has been booked and confirmed for Saturday, January 25, from 10:00am to 7:00pm for a donation of $500 plus clean-up costs (likely total $600).
  • The current plan is to hold the Intergroup Meeting from 10:30am-12:30pm, and the Share-a-Day from 2:00pm-6:00pm.
  • The Share-a-Day is currently envisaged as a speaker session (one hour), action meeting workshops (two hours), and a keynote speaker session (one hour).
  • The space will be set up auditorium style with a podium; tables are also available for the workshops. We will need to man a desk at the door to check people in.
  • Conni will investigate whether any of the side rooms are available/included.
  • Conni will kick off planning committee meetings to organize the event.

Promoting UA Anon

  • The question of supporting UA Anon meetings was tabled indefinitely pending representation from UA Anon meetings with specific requests.

Officers Terms/Elections

  • Ed W will draft possible requirements for Intergroup officers for review at the next meeting. Suggested possibilities include:
    • 1+ years regular attendance at UA meetings.
    • Self-supporting by our own contributions.
    • For Treasurer:
      • Solvent 6+ months
      • Having a job.
    • Worked steps in UA
    • Sponsor/step study group
    • Active in service
    • Been an officer of a group
    • Intergroup service rep
    • Have done service for six months out of the past year (initially three?)

Groups Inventory

  • Aviva will present a proposal for acting on the groups inventory we take at each Intergroup meeting (i.e., the meeting reports listed below).

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be the second Saturday, December 14, upstairs at Zaro’s, Broadway and 21st Street.
  • The following topics were not addressed at this meeting, and will be carried over to the agenda for the next meeting:
    • Group inventory
    • Group Donations
    • Outreach officer
    • NY Intergroup website (purpose, content, etc.)
    • Support for group inventories
    • Intergroup by-laws
    • Business meeting formats
    • Please contact Peter S. with any additional items for the agenda.

Meeting Reports

  • Tuesday HOW: meetings continue to be packed (Peter, co-chair)
  • Steps & Traditions: Well attended, great recovery, abundant, room is often standing room only (Conni, ISR)
  • Visions: new meeting (Lisa, ISR)
  • Steps, Tools, Traditions, Visions: 12-17 people (Jean, ISR)
  • Emotions: attendance still fluctuating: some week well attended, some weeks as small as 5-6; has not always made rent; needs support (Conni, ISR)
  • Path to Abundance: (Chris, ISR)
  • Seeds of Prosperity: room full, approx. 20 (Lisa, ISR)
  • Prosperity Saturdays: still strong (Jean, Tony, ISRs)
  • NYC UA: (Lisa, ISR)

Draft Cash Flow Statement



Prudent Reserve


Operating Expenses
Telephone Support Line
P.O. Box
Domain Name
Intergroup Meeting Rent
Support to Groups
Meeting Lists
Supporting Meetings
GSB Contributions



Share-A-Day Expenses
UA Website Notices


Retreat Expenses


World Service Conference
Stipend for Travel
Incidental Expenses



UA Pamphlets



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