NY Intergroup Meeting Minutes, October 12, 2013

In Attendance:

  • Anna A, Cathy, Chris W, Conni M, Ed W, Jean M, Lisa V, Nicole A, Peter S, Wayne M

Minutes of Last Meeting

  • Accepted as presented

Treasury Report

Opening Balance


Meeting Lists


Closing Balance


Accepted as presented.


Passed motions in blue. Other action items in green.

Group Donations

  • We will put together a statement about meeting making donations to the NY Intergroup after setting aside a prudent reserve, after we have formulated the Vision Statement.


  • Lisa presented the expenses to date. She will revise them to reflect the following categories:
    • Operating Expenses
    • Support To Groups
    • Event Expenses
    • WSC Expenses
    • Literature

Vision Statement

  • The committee brainstormed on possible themes/concepts that might into the Vision Statement:
    • Foster individual recovery
    • Represent UA as a whole
    • Meeting representatives
    • Voice opinions about meeting needs
    • We are recovering underearners
    • Plan UA events such as share-a-days and retreats
    • Represent/facilitate/communicate messages/organize
    •  To serve
    • To serve meetings
    • Find common ground for meetings
    • Support UA as a whole
    • To keep UA solvent
    • Communicate back and forth
      • Concerns of people in meetings
      • Take back to people in meetings things that are relevant to Intergroup
  • Serve
    • Other members
    • Ourselves
    • UA as a whole
    • Meetings and member of meetings
  • Distribute literature
  • Provide literature
  • Helping groups financially
  • Meet, discuss, debate, resolve issues, brainstorm
  • Voice concerns, dreams, opinions
  • Take actions
  • Create visions
  • A resource to groups
  • Serve Tri-State NY area
  • Support meetings in the area
  • Providing resources for recovery
  • Fellowship
  • Spirituality
  • Helping newcomers
  • Helping maintain UA unity
  • Peter and Lisa will collate this list into related themes and ideas into sentences and paragraphs.

January Share-a-Day

  • Conni has applied for space at Trinity for January 11 (pref) and January 25.


Liability Insurance

  • Ed will obtain the full insurance policy.
  • Ed will get statements of coverage for the NY meetings not already on the list.


Spending Plan/Intergroup Budget

  • Everyone will bring ideas of what to spend money on to the next meeting.
  • Peter will circulate his list of possible things that the Intergroup could be doing.

Officers Terms/Elections

  • It was reiterated that the term of the Intergroup Service Representative is for one year, but the only duty is to attend the World Service Conference on behalf of the Intergroup, and report back.


Intergroup Meeting Format

  • An announcements section followed by a short break halfway through the meeting will be added the meeting agenda.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be the second Saturday, November 9, upstairs at Zaro’s, Broadway and 21st Street.
  • The following topics were not addressed at this meeting, and will be carried over to the agenda for the next meeting:
    • Group inventory
    • Outreach officer
    • NY Intergroup website (purpose, content, etc.)
    • Support for group inventories
    • Intergroup by-laws
    • Business meeting formats
    • Please contact Peter S. with any additional items for the agenda.

Meeting Reports

  • Tuesday HOW: meetings continue to be packed (Peter, co-chair)
  • Steps & Traditions: Meeting well-attend, strong recovery, abundant (Conni, ISR)
  • Park Avenue Prosperity: still meeting in park awaiting completion of renovation (Wayne, ISR)
  • Steps, Tools, Traditions, Visions: meeting is 20+ people (Jean, ISR)
  • Emotions: a steady stream of attendees and often a good amount of newcomers; still occasionally having difficulty making rent on first go round; could use some support! (Conni, ISR)
  • Friday Brooklyn UA: (Ed, ISR)
  • Path to Abundance: (Chris, ISR)
  • Seeds of Prosperity: (Lisa, ISR)
  • Prosperity Saturdays: still strong (Jean)
  • NYC UA: strong (Lisa)
  • UA How Arts: growing (Nicole)
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