UA NY Intergroup, Meeting Minutes, September 14, 2013

In Attendance:

  • Andrew, Chris, Conni, Ed, Lisa V, Melvin, Peter, Roger, Wayne

Minutes of Last Meeting

  • Accepted as presented

Treasury Report

Opening Balance $2,357.56
— no income —
— no expenses —
Closing Balance $2,357.56

ISR Report (World Service Conference)

  • Conni presented her report of the WSC (see below)
  • A definitive list/statement of the motions passed at the conference has not been circulated, but various attendees believe it includes the following:
    • A voting process to approve motions at the conference
    • Holding the 2014 WSC in the same venue in Los Angeles, at roughly the same date
    • The Literature Committee Principles, as amended by the conference
    • A more detailed quarterly financial statement from the GSB treasurer, including a balance sheet
    • Guidelines for press interviews and articles
    • GSB motions to be presented in the form of proposals; proposals needing discussion to be voted on at the following meeting
    • Phone meetings need to meet Phone Committee guidelines in order to be listed on the website


Passed motions in bold.

Meeting Lists

  • New meeting lists were circulated for distribution; the format is designed to be folded in four.
  • Any ISRs not at the meeting or needing more meeting lists should contact Peter.

November Retreat

  • The retreat is a three day vision workshop at the Bill Wilson house in Vermont, themed “I can see clearly now,” and designed to distill your vision.
  • Lisa V will print 30 flyers for the retreat and distribute to meeting chairs to be announced at meetings.
  • Peter S will announce the retreat to the MailChimp email distribution list.

January Share-a-Day

  • Conni will chair the Share-a-Day planning committee. Annie and Dorothy are also members.
  • Preferred date for the event is January 11, with a back-up date of January 25.
  • The planning committee was authorized to commit up to $750 for event space; this should include the morning, for the Intergroup meeting, and if possible, additional rooms for break-out sessions.

Liability Insurance

  • It is not clear whether the liability insurance obtained by the Park Avenue Prosperity group actually confers any benefit on any other meetings.
  • Roger will discreetly reach out to Al-Anon regarding their experiences with liability insurance.
  • Wayne will likewise reach out to a lawyer in the program.

Spending Plan/Intergroup Budget

  • Lisa will compile the expenses incurred by NY Intergroup to date, as preparation for creation of a spending plan.

Officers Terms/Elections

  • Elections will be held at the January Intergroup meeting (prior to the Share-a-Day).
  • The new terms will begin March 2014.

Promoting Meetings

  • A short advertising blurb for the NJ meeting was approved.

Intergroup Vision/Purpose

  • A session will be held at the next meeting to create/start creating a vision for the Intergroup.
  • Vision committee will create a format for the vision session; the committee currently includes Lisa, Peter & Roger.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be the second Saturday, October 12, upstairs at Zaro’s, Broadway and 21st Street.
  • The following topics were not addressed at this meeting, and will be carried over to the agenda for the next meeting:
    • Group inventory
    • Outreach officer
    • NY Intergroup website (purpose, content, etc.)
    • Support for group inventories
    • Intergroup by-laws
    • Business meeting formats
    • Please contact Peter S. with any additional items for the agenda.

Meeting Reports

  • Tuesday HOW: meetings continue to be packed and in need of new space (Peter, co-chair)
  • Park Avenue Prosperity: unknown when renovation of meeting space will be finished (Wayne, ISR)
  • Prospect Street Prosperity: new meeting! (Roger, ISR)
  • Emotions: meeting attendance has been fluctuating; low attendance last week due to heavy rain (Chris)
  • Friday Brooklyn UA: low attendance, but serene (Ed, ISR)
  • Nyack: still there (Andrew, ISR)
  • Path to Abundance: well attended, 20+ (Chris, ISR)
  • Seeds of Prosperity: wealthy group; new GSR/ISRs elected for next term, freeing Melvin up to do outreach (Melvin, ISR)
  • Prosperity Saturdays: empty seats over summer months, struggling to pay rent (Lisa, ISR)
  • UA How Arts: starting to fill out, 8-10 people, making rent (Peter)

IGSR Report (World Service Conference)

Day One: 27 August 2013

Welcome by Steve & Bella

Mike spoke on a Vision for the GSB:

  • Fellowship (at the base of the triangle)
  • Groups
  • Intergroups
  • GSR’s
  • WSC Conference
  • Committees
  • GSB (at the tip of the triangle)
  • Singleness of purpose
  • Move forward, letting go of the past
  • Traditions
  • Defining how to work a UA program

Andrew spoke on the History of UA, about UA at a crossroads & defining UA for the newcomer

  • UA’s anniversary is 10.15.13: 8 years old!
  • UA’s promise is sustainable prosperity (keep’s the focus on the positive!)
  • Core of UA: 1.. Find a sponsor, 2. Find a home group, 3. Work the Steps, 4. Use the Tools.
  • LOGO: UA could use a new logo!

Ed spoke on the connection to a Higher Power, Being of service & the 4th Step resentments.

  • 80/20 rule: 80% of the work gets done by 20% of the workforce.
  • 5yrs from now, where do we want UA to be?
  • Retreats globally
  • A series of Intergroups
  • Literature that captures the variety of what Underearning is.
  • A suggested format for working the steps, possibly a workbook.
  • “Earn What You Deserve” is “Conference Approved.”
  • International Conferences
  • Service Manual

Eddie (LA)

  • Willingness to create a context for your community
  • Organic Growth
  • “The Oxford Group”

Steve gave an update on the status of UA in LA, 10 meetings.

Day Two: 28 August 2013

Bella & Matt gave introduction & reminded everyone to be on time!


  • It’s not the title, it’s he work
  • A way of making decisions
  • How we decide things …
  • Literature: Our own literature, our own stories
  • Fix UA Service Committee’s

Sign up for GSB Service Committees:

  • I signed up for the Service Structure Committee. (Eddie, Janis, Ed W., John, Conni & Steve)
  • Focus: How to do service in UA, a manual, By Laws, Implement Traditions & Concepts, Guidelines


  • Literature: AA, DA
  • Conference created
  • possible “recommended” or “endorsed” literature


  • Roberts Rules
  • Traditions
  • Full discussion
  • Rules of Order for UA
  • Principals: Patience, Tolerance & Compassion

Flow Chart:

  • What is the issue?
  • Discuss & Clarify the issue (Groups & Committees)
  • Take It Further
  • Decide Which Committee
  • Committee creates a written proposal (follow criteria)
  • Committee submits proposal for motion to GSB
  • Short discussion @ GSB
  • Vote @ GSB


  • Statement of current problem
  • specifics of what changes
  • costs & impact
  • why proposal addresses problem
  • who will implement proposal

Committee Work: Service Structure Committee

GSR Reports given by each GSR rep.

Day Three: 29 August 2013

GSR Reports

GSB Nominations & Elections: 6 positions

Committee Chair Nominations & Elections

Committee Workshop

Andrew is fun!

Committee Motion Presentations

Day Four: 30 August 2013

Serenity Prayer/Blessing

John V.: Preview of the Solution

  • Steps 1,2,3 = give it up steps
  • Step 4 = be honest
  • Steps 5,6,7 = face up steps
  • Step 8 =
  • Step 9 = amends
  • Steps 10,11 = practice, steps, vigilance
  • Step 12 = Spirituality, Good will towards others, awareness & give back …

Peter: Creating a Work flow for Committees

  • Roberta Rules
  • Cost of the Committee Meeting
  • Live by your Principals:
    • Honesty, Openness, Integrity, Service, Vision, Passion, Courage, Action, Spiritually, Surrender, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Connection & Flexibility.
    • A guardrail to keep us on track
    • Agreement of the Problem
      • Open discussion
      • Narrow options
      • Close discussion
      • Come to a decision
      • Negotiation is possible

Committee Motions

Gratitude Attitude

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