NY Intergroup Meeting Minutes, August 10, 2013


Roger, Wayne, Mike M. (chair), Conni (acting secretary), Ed, Anna, Jeri, Melvin


Treasury Report:



Revenue from Share-A-Day
Literature Sales


Total Before Expenses


ua-nyc.org domain name (Wayne)
Deposit for ISR housing at WSC
Rent for August SD
Supplies (Wayne)
Copies of Action format (Lisa)
Posters for SD (Peter)
Total Expenses




Meeting Reports:

Mon Boss: 2 envelopes being passed. 1. rent 2. prudent reserve
Tues Brooklyn: 15+ people. Going well
Tues Hudson: NR (no report)
Tues HOW: Well attended, looking for larger space.
Wed Norwalk: NR
Wed Steps: well attended
Wed Park: strong attendance. Leaving temp room, going back to old room, may find a better room, looking.
Wed Dobbs: NR
Wed Maplewood: new meeting begins September 4, 2013, Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm.
Wed UA Anon: sparsely attended. They are making rent.
Thurs steps: well attended
Thurs Westport: NR
Thurs Emotions: Struggling with rent certain weeks, lots of newcomers, could use some more experience, strength & hope in the room.
Fri HOW: 10 people
Friday UA Anon: NR
Fri Brooklyn: sparsely attended. Barely making rent. Make flyers & pass out at other meetings.
Fri Nyack: NR
Sat Norwalk: NR
Sat Woodstock: NR
Sat Path: well attended. 20 people.
Sat Seeds: well attended
Prosperity Sat: well attended
Sun GLBT: well attended. Review of group Inventory.
Sun HOW Artists: 8-10 people, well attended for a new mtg.
Sun UA Anon: 6 people on average

Old Business:

1. NY Intergroup Website
2. Liability Insurance
3. Support for Group Inventories
4. Intergroup By-laws
5. Business Meeting format
6. Outreach Coordinator

New Business:

1. August Share-a-day
2. Next Share-a-day
3. New NJ Meeting
4. UA Anon: In accordance with Traditions?
5. What to do with the monies in the treasury?
6. Create a spending plan: An Intergroup Budget

Discussion of New & Old Business:

August Share-a-day:
Ed: Attendance was down. Does not believe that we really need a bi-monthly Share-a-day. Once a quarter suitable. Also the same person shared after each speaker. We need to discourage this & encourage more people to have the opportunity to share.
Jeri: Committee did a great job. It was well organized. There was a sense of camaraderie and a cohesive feel. Did not like people coming up to the front to share. Provide a mic for people to share with. Newcomers would hesitate to share. Understood the way that sharing happened at this event was specific to the acoustics of the room.
Roger: I give it a 99 out of 100. I thought it was good. My issue was the scholarships. Admission w/out the $10. Find a way to increase communication & publicity for the event.
Conni: Agreed with Ed. Quarterly events. A larger venue. A mic is important for the next event.
Wayne: Registration was an issue. It might be required in the future. Scholarships might also be an issue.
Anna: I was at the front door. Overall went well. The feedback that I heard was that those who shared after the speakers were “depressing.” The speakers were good.
Melvin: Overall good. handled well. scholarships need to be discussed & further detailed.
Mike M.: I wasn’t happy having people come up to the front. PA equipment is important. I recommend that we find a cheap way to provide speakers & mics. Scholarship information on the flyer, for next event. I thought it went great. I believe that we have a little formula and that now we can focus on good content. The focus this time around on content was good.

Next Share-a-day:
Melvin: every 3 months. It’s more sustainable. It will become routine. I noticed a difference in attendance this time around.
Roger: Question: Was there an informal count of first time UA attendees? Melvin counted 2. Anna counted 3. There was no formal count taken. Wayne, less than 5. 68 people in total attended the event. There was only a handful of newcomers.
Conni: I believe that we need a larger space & that the events could be held quarterly during the middle month. The venue needs to accommodate 150-200 people.
Roger: suggested the Bowery YMCA
Jeri: Share-a-days of old description: AM coffee, different rooms, keynote speakers, something about including fellowship in the day, breakfast, lunch created a deeper stronger connection amongst attendees. Having different speakers is important.
Mike M.: Half day Share-a-day, only held in NYC & LA, complaints from fellows in other location that it’s not enough time to plan & attend. All day Share-a days increased to 3 days & will be held globally, example WSC. Expressed issue of fellows dealing with burnout. I would like to see a smooth out regarding service commitments. I would like the focus to be on content, now that we have a formula going. Having food at these half day events is a monstrosity, much of it has gone to waste in the past. I would like to see the focus remain on Recovery. I would like to see the next share-a-day for on Action Meetings as people are clamouring for it. Example of possible format: DEMO, Participants in Action Meetings sign up ahead of time, 20 mins to 40 mins Action Meeting workshops, opening speaker-action meeting-closing speaker.

Motion (Wayne): That the next Share-a-day be held in January, focus on Action Meetings & be held in a larger space. ACCEPTED.Anna & Dorothy: Will continue to research larger spaces.

Motion (Conni): That going forward Share-a-days & Intergroup Meetings are held on the same day of the same month; the motion remains flexible on whether the Intergroup meeting is held before or after the event. ACCEPTED.

Old Business:

Motion (Wayne): That Wayne & Ed will continue the research liability insurance and coverage for all NY area meetings & provide written documentation at the next Intergroup meeting in September. And that we table the discussion of the issue until the next meeting. ACCEPTED.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at 1:00 pm Saturday, September 14, upstairs at Zaro’s, Broadway & 21st.

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