Literature Committee: Agenda August 4, 2013

UA World Service Conference
Literature Committee
August 4, 2013 Meeting Agenda
7:00 pm EDT; 6:00 pm CDT; 4:00 pm PDT; 1 hour
(630) 869-1019 # 515-773-957

Open with the Serenity Prayer

Admin Stuff

  • Roll call
  • Welcome to new members (if any)
  • Minutes of the meeting of July 14, 2013
  • Review current meeting agenda

Discussion Topics

1. Group Inventory

An open review of the past year’s work, looking at the structure of our committee, the format of our meetings, and all aspects of the work we have been doing. What has worked well? What has gone badly? What important tasks have we left undone or unfinished?


We will agree on the format before we start; proposed format is that each person speaks their thoughts in turn.

Opportunity for Questions, Suggestions or Feedback
Close with the Serenity Prayer

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