Literature Committee Minutes May 11, 2013

UA World Services Conference
Literature Committee
May 11, 2013 Meeting Minutes


In Attendance:

Andrew, Graciela, Peter, Phyllis, Shari Lynn


1. April 7 Meeting

Only two people (Phyllis & Peter) dialed in for the April 7 meeting, so it was not held, and the agenda was held over for the May 11 meeting.

2. Existing Literature (# 1)

  • The following pieces of literature were reviewed for readiness for World Service Conference approval:
    1. Symptoms: it was agreed that no changes needed to be made to the Symptoms; additional symptoms were identified: these will be added to the list in a new separate piece of literature, with the provisional title “Are you an Underearner?”
    2. Tools of UA: the tools were revised to reflect the policy change that the GSB is now recommending that sponsors have worked the 12 Steps within UA, and to recommend working with one or more action partners.
    3. About UA: the pamphlet was revised to reflect the sponsor policy change, and minor spelling and grammatical corrections.
    4. Underearning & Our Thinking: it was agreed that this document needs substantial modifications before being ready for approval, perhaps as part of another piece of literature.

3. Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be Sunday, June 2, 7:00-8:30pm EDT (6:00pm CDT, 4:00pm PDT); prompt attendance is requested!! If you think you cannot attend the meeting or will be late, please contact the Secretary (Peter S) in advance.

N.B. Numbers in brackets refer to items in Appendix 2.

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