NY Intergroup Meeting Minutes, April 13, 2013

New York UA Intergroup
April 13, 2013


  • Aviva (GSR/ISR, Sunday 13th Street)
  • Dorothy (ISR, Monday BOSS)
  • Ed W. (GSR/ISR, Friday Brooklyn)
  • Juliette (ISR, UA Anon)
  • Lisa (Treasurer, ISR, Prosperity Sats)
  • Mike M. (Chair)
  • Peter (Secretary, GSR/ISR, Weds Steps & Traditions)
  • Wayne (ISR, Weds Park Ave.)

Minutes of Last Meeting

Treasury Report

  • Lisa has a check from UA GSB for $2,200.
  • There was no money in or out this month due to procedural issues.
  • Report accepted.

Meeting Reports

  • Mon BOSS: Well attended, exciting meeting.
  • Tues Brooklyn: packed room – 20+ people.
  • Tues Hudson: no report.
  • Weds Norwalk: no report.
  • Weds Steps: well attended.
  • Weds Intuition: poorly attended.
  • Weds Park Ave: going great guns, 25+ people.
  • Thurs Steps: well attended, 25+ people.
  • Thurs Westport: no report.
  • Thurs Emotions: well attended.
  • Friday Brooklyn: about 10 people regularly.
  • Friday Nyack: no report.
  • Sat Norwalk: no report.
  • Sat Woodstock: no report.
  • Sat Path: doing well after move, have nice space, about 20 people.
  • Sat Seeds: going great guns, about 25 people, sending Melvyn to WSC.
  • Prosperity Sat: doing well, moved to larger room to accommodate crowds.
  • Sun 13th Street: very well attended, 80+ people, has formed a committee to prepare a group inventory, responding to concerns over group traditions.
  • Sun Spanish: has been discontinued and removed from meeting list.
  • Sun UA Anon: increasing attendance, 7-10 people.

Old Business

Passed motions in bold.

PO Box

NY Intergroup will use Lisa V’s exisiting PO Box, in return for paying 1/3 of the rent (i.e., $15 for six months). This PO Box will be given out to meeting treasurers as the address for contributions to UA NY Intergroup.


Peter will write up the role and responsibilities of the Intergroup Service Representative (who will be sent to the WSC to represent the Intergroup there).

Events: Share-A-Day

The half-day share-a-days will be from 2:00-6:00 pm on second Saturdays, every 1-2 months, with an entry fee of $10.

Venues: Trinity has a prior booking for May 11; quoted cost is $500 minimum for four hours, plus $100 per hour over that; may be available for June 1. St. Margaret’s is available May 4th & 24th (which is Memorial Day weekend); the space holds a maximum of 75 people, and can be subdivided into up to three rooms, although moving the dividers around is not practical during the course of an event; the whole space can be booked for $40.

Lisa will determine June availability for St. Margaret’s, and book it, in order of preference, for the 8th, 1st, 22nd, or 29th, and also check availability for July 13.

Event Committees:

  • Venue: Lisa (booking, see above)
  • Promotion: Peter (draft up flyers)
  • Finance: Wayne (registration/pay at door)
  • Literature: Dorothy
  • Content: Lisa, Juliette, Dorothy (prepare possible schedules, for discussion/approval at next Intergroup meeting)
  • (No Food)

Next Meeting

  • Saturday, May 11, 1:00-2:30pm, Zaro’s.
  • The following topics were not covered at this meeting and are carried over, or were already on the agenda for the next meeting:
    • Election of Intergroup Service Representative, to attend the WSC.
    • Support for group inventories; suggesting groups hold group inventories
    • Promoting UA Anon, etc.
    • Distributing literature
  • Please contact Peter S. with additional items for the agenda.
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